4 Day Maximum Mass Workout

A mass building routine that features a great combination of effective compound and isolation movements along with intense, high impact five minute burn sets.

Workout Summary

Build Muscle
8 weeks
45-60 minutes
Barbell, Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Machines
Male & Female
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Workout Description

This is an intermediate muscle building workout for lifters who:

  1. Have experienced beginner gains and are confident they know how to build muscle.
  2. Have a solid grasp of exercise form on the major compound movements.
  3. Know how to set up an effective muscle building eating plan.

Overload. Overload is critical to the muscle building process. Push each set for the maximum number of reps, stopping that set either when you feel your form is slipping, or if you feel like you may fail on the next rep. Do not train to failure. The point is to stimulate growth, not annihilate your body and central nervous system.

Add weight to each exercise as frequently as possible, when it makes sense. I recommend using the same weight for every set of a given exercise, and when you are able to perform a comfortable number of reps on each set, add weight.

Rep Ranges. Rep ranges are simply a guideline. It's is ok to go over them, or a hair under at times. Again, the magic is overload. Rep ranges are simply a tool.

5 Minute Burn Periods. For each body part you will perform a 5 minute burn out period. These sets are brutal. Pick a weight that allows you to perform about 12-15 reps. Over a 5 minute period you perform as many reps as possible with that weight, starting and stopping sets as needed. Rest only long enough to catch your bearings and breathe, and then start knowing out more reps.

5 minute burn out periods are not about sets and reps. They are about finishing off an already fatigued muscle. Don't obsess (or even count)  over how many total sets you do. Instead, try to do as many reps as possible in 5 minutes using whatever rest periods you need to survive.

4 Day Maximum Mass Workout Split

Day 1
Back and Biceps
Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlift 2 5
One Arm Dumbbell Row 3 8-12
Wide Grip Pull Up or Lat Pull Down 3 10-12
Barbell Row 3 8-12
Seated Cable Row or Machine Row 5 Minutes Burn
EZ Bar Preacher Curl 3 10-12
Concentration Curl 3 10-12
Seated Dumbbell Curl 5 Minutes Burn
Day 2
Chest and Triceps
Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Press 3 6-10
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 3 8-12
Chest Dip 3 AMAP*
Cable Crossover or Pec Dec 3 12-15
Machine Press or Dumbbell Bench Press 5 Minutes Burn
EZ Bar Skullcrusher 3 8-12
Two Arm Seated Dumbbell Extension 3 8-12
Cable Tricep Extension 5 Minutes Burn
Day 4
Quads, Hamstrings and Calves
Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 3 6-10
Leg Press 3 15-20
Hack Squat or Dumbbell Lunge 3 8-12
Leg Extension 5 Minutes Burn
Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 8-12
Leg Curl 5 Minutes Burn
Standing Calf Raise 3 10-15
Seated Calf Raise 5 Minutes Burn
Day 5
Shoulders, Traps and Forearms
Exercise Sets Reps
Seated Barbell Press 3 6-10
Seated Arnold Press 3 8-12
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 10-15
Hammer Strength Press or Smith Press 5 Minutes Burn
Upright Row 3 8-12
Barbell Shrug or Dumbbell Shrug 5 Minutes Burn
Seated Barbell Wrist Curl 3 12-15
Barbell Static Hold 5 Minutes Burn

*AMAP = As many as possible.

Barbell Static Holds. Instead of performing reps you simply hold the bar as long as possible.

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Posted Sun, 09/16/2018 - 19:46
Josh Collins

I am really trying to grow my muscles , particularly arms! Should I train those muscle groups multiple times per week ?

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 10/17/2018 - 18:40
Magnus Klutz

The most you want to work out your arms is 3 times per week. If you work them out too much, you can end up damaging your muscle, and you might even end up losing muscle. I suggest getting day of rest between each day that you work out.

No Profile Pic
Posted Sun, 09/16/2018 - 03:54
mohammad shamout

thanx aloot
but is 3 exercises enough for biceps and triceps ?
and what about duration of 8 weeks ?
i think after 4 weeks you need to change the programme <,??

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 09/25/2018 - 04:29
Brian Aldridge

You will be working you Biceps and Triceps on the Chest, Back and Shoulder exercises, there is no need to do more than a few exercises that concentrate on the Biceps and Triceps alone.

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 08/25/2018 - 10:38
Kieran Harrington

What does "Burn" and "AMAP" mean?

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 09/12/2018 - 16:21

AMAP = As Many as possible

Burn = Keep doing them until you burn out for the duration of the time

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 10/17/2018 - 18:42
Magnus Klutz

"Burn" means you're burning the fat off of your muscle. "AMAP" is As Many As Possible. Basically fat burning.

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 07/23/2018 - 15:14
Denes Maia

Hello Shaw. I want to know why i start day one with Dead Lifts??

And if its heavier i can get.

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 07/18/2018 - 20:35

Hello, JoshEngland!
What do you think of chest flies instead of peck deck or cable crossover?

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:20

Hi Flavainya,

I think they all accomplish the same thing :)

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 07/10/2018 - 20:59

Hi, JoshEngland!
I was wondering, could I switch order of days in this program? Start with chest-triceps and then move to bavk-biceps in 2nd day?
Ty for yoir replies and amazing work!

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Wed, 07/11/2018 - 09:32

Hi BacktoGAINZ,

Of course! And you're welcome! Sure, that should be fine.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 05/19/2018 - 10:42

Hey Steve, my son and I have been doing your workout program above for about 6 weeks now and it's great! My son just turned 14 (6-4 185) and I am 48 (6'7 245), looking to put on a little more size. You recommended to someone looking to transition to another Mass program one that focuses more on less reps, and the burns are removed from the program. Do you think it would be okay to progress to this program for our age, or should we stick with the program above. Thank you so much, Shawn

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 07/11/2018 - 10:07

Hey Josh, just curious if you received my last message and question about my son and I using your program. I didn't see a response, sorry if I overlooked it. Thanks!

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Wed, 07/11/2018 - 10:22

Hi Shawn,

To be honest, I'm not experienced in working with either your's or your son's age demographic.

At 14, I'd think he'd be better off nailing down foundation movement patterns during full body workouts (squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, pull ups, rows, etc). With the focus on learning and mastering form rather than moving any sort of weight or trying to isolate muscle groups for growth.

At 48, you'd probably be better off performing an upper/lower split focused on similar movements, but with added isolation work to target desired muscle groups.

We've got templates for both styles on this website. They are generic tho, so if you're seeking specific recommendations, I'd suggest seeking out the help of a personal trainer in your area.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 07/11/2018 - 10:29

Thank you so much Josh, most appreciate the advice, thank you!

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 05/05/2018 - 06:20
David jessup

Should you rest between each set on a particular workout. And if so how long. Should you rest between each exercise and if so joe long.

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 04/24/2018 - 22:18
Adam Warsing

Are you supposed to increase weight for the burn sets?? And if so how do I know I should increase weight??

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:37

Almost 2 months On. I have gain 8 pound of muscle and offcourse 2 pounds of fat on calories surplus. Gain strength and shirts getting tight on chest and biceps.
By far this is the best workout for busy professionals which cover all the sides from strength to burn.

Many thanks to Steve Shaw for a great free workout plan.

Here is another question, shall i continue same workout in my upcoming cutting cycle or would you recommend me a different workout?

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Thu, 04/19/2018 - 10:45

Hi Shah,

Yes, you can continue on with the same program - just be sure to alter your calorie amount during your cutting cycle.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 03/28/2018 - 23:34

This is a perfect plan for my needs being a busy professional. One month on and i love it.
My question, how important is to train abs as this program doesn't have abs workout

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Thu, 03/29/2018 - 09:12

Hi Shah,

Abs are worked indirectly through all of the compound movements. If you wish to add in additional ab isolation work, feel free to do so.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 03/27/2018 - 15:41

Where would Cardio fit in, if it's necessary? I mean certainly I wound't do cardio after that massive leg day but what would you recommend?

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Wed, 03/28/2018 - 09:32

Hi David,

I always recommend folks perform some form of cardio consistently during the week. I'd recommend picking a variation you enjoy performing and slotting it in wherever you can feasibly do it.

Personally, I walk my dog a couple of miles each day. Bam - cardio taken care of!

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 03/01/2018 - 22:39

Hey, I just finished the first week of this program and I am loving it so far! I have a question concerning rest days though. Since I'm typically busy during the weekends I decided to workout Monday-Thursday with no rest in between to complete the 4 days. Considering I have a body type that puts on fat easily, should I squeeze in a cardio day on Friday? Perhaps doing some intermittent fasting on the off days? Thanks!

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Fri, 03/02/2018 - 09:41

Hi Shaheed,

Yes, you could certainly perform cardio on Fridays. I always try to remain lightly active on my off days. Doing so helps with weight maintenance and increases your body's ability to recover.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 02/19/2018 - 09:20

Hello first thanks you its a great 4 Day Maximum Mass Workout but now i finishe it in 8 week so what must i do after that i will repat the same program or what i dont know can you help me please

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Mon, 02/19/2018 - 09:25

Hi Ismail,

You can repeat or move on to a new workout. You may enjoy this one next: https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/10-week-mass-building-program...

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Tue, 03/13/2018 - 18:37
jesse j vasquez

can you post another one for men and women?

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 02/19/2018 - 10:29

Ismail. Keep doing his split routine. Anymore your over training your muscles. Do research from people other then a certified trainer’s. Talk to people who have speciality degrees in this area and you will realize how easy it is to over train. It takes days for muscles to heal . Diet, rest and train hard. You will get results!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 02/14/2018 - 19:08

I have just finished a upper lower body beginner split, is this good for growing the muscles bigger and taking it to the next level?

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Thu, 02/15/2018 - 08:34

Hi Dan,

It's definitely a good routine. However, for lifters looking to maximize muscle growth, I always recommend stimulating the muscle multiple times per week (as you would in an upper/lower routine). Personally, I'd look to make your upper/lower more challenging if muscle growth is your main goal.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 02/14/2018 - 06:21

How should I do the barbell static hold?

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Wed, 02/14/2018 - 11:13

Hi Diego,

Load up a barbell and hold on for dear life for the prescribed amount of time.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 11/27/2017 - 10:42

I just finished a 4 day split with a duration of 8 weeks. Is this a good split to begin with? Also why are there no abdominal workouts?

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 11/18/2017 - 14:42

Duration 8 weeks , fine 2 months , then what you propose after we completed this one ?
Thx for this awesome routine !

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Mon, 11/20/2017 - 09:01

Hi Phil,

Our 10 week mass is a very popular program and a decent progression program from this one.

You can check it out here: https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/10-week-mass-building-program...

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 11/02/2017 - 01:01

i go thrice a week and twice each day(morning and evening with a time gap of 7 hrs) for gym. please suggest me a good routine

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 10/28/2017 - 18:29

Ive completed about 3 different workout routines off this website but this one is awesome. You can defiantly feel you have smashed your muscles groups after this one. After a few weeks into this routine and less rest between reps the 5 minute burn tests you big time.
Love this workout!

No Profile Pic
Posted Mon, 01/15/2018 - 11:11

hi there,
just wondering about 3 different workout routines you did from this website.. did they actually work ?
if you don't mind telling me which ones you used if they worked

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 10/21/2017 - 10:57

Hi Josh, in my gym.i got all the equipment to get through the program but not machine for the leg curl.Any suggestions for an alternate exercise ?

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Mon, 10/30/2017 - 09:22

Hi Dave,

Go with a Romanian deadlift or straight leg deadlift variation. You could also perform a Nordic hamstring curl or exercise ball leg curl, both of which are bodyweight versions of this exercise.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 10/11/2017 - 20:05

Hi Steve,I know you said in a different comment that this is a template and can be altered to suit the individuals wants and needs; but i was curious about the shoulder routine. Why do you start with the seated barbell press but also finish with the same thing for the burnout? This just wasn't the trend in any other muscle group so i was curious, would it be better to do a different exercise to better spread how much each head of the shoulder is being worked?

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 09/23/2017 - 15:58

Hey Steve,

I'm currently just finishing a 28 day, fat burning 4 day split superset routine on a defecit diet. I'm looking for a new program that I can still shed some fat but start to pack on a bit of muscle as well. I'm curious if you'd advise against this program when Im on a defecit or if I should be able to accomplish both goals using this program, maybe add a little lose a little?

No Profile Pic
Posted Thu, 09/07/2017 - 15:34

Been doing this program for 3 weeks and it definitely kicks your a$$. I've been following it as written and have been feeling soreness since week one. I have been doing cardio on Day 3 and take Days 6 and 7 off. For the burnout sets I use a weight that lets me rep out the first minute, and then take 15-20 sec breaks between burnout sets (to catch my breath and gain a little more strength to continue). For the rest of it, I've been following a progressive overload scheme and have seen some weights increase already.

Lester, I would say try the program as is for a week and then ask if you feel the need for more sets. This workout takes roughly 60 minutes. I do a couple of warmup sets for bench, squats, shoulder press, and deadlifts to get things started.

So, this 57 yr old body is getting a good workout with this program. Be honest and use a timer for the burnouts and minimize breaks. Keep your rest periods between sets on everything else at around one minute or so. Oh yeah, I also added some ab work on Days 1, 2, and 5.

Have fun!!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 09/06/2017 - 05:35

Very excited to start this program next week! Quick question -- Thinking of bumping up most of the sets to 4, instead of just 3 (or just 2 for the deadlifts). Is that okay?

No Profile Pic
Posted Sat, 09/02/2017 - 03:54

Is the order of any great importance or can i change one exercise with the other so i dont have to change rooms on my gym from one to the next?

Thanks and greetings from germany

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Tue, 09/05/2017 - 09:32

Hi Mike,

This program is simply a template. You're more than welcome to alter it to better fit your needs and your goals.

Hope this helps!

No Profile Pic
Posted Wed, 08/30/2017 - 20:42

What position should you hold the bar for the static hold on day 5?

JoshEngland's picture
Posted Thu, 08/31/2017 - 08:53

Hi Pat,

I'd go with a shrug set up and holding it either in front or behind your body. Personally I'd go with in front of your body. You can make it even more challenging if you have a thick bar or pair of fat grips.

Hope this helps!