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Muscle & Strength Affiliate Program

Muscle & Strength is one of the most well known and visited fitness websites on the internet! Our online store has over 7,000 products, 250+ supplement deals and hundreds of stacks and combos. But the store is only one aspect of M&S! Our customers not only love to shop with us, but get all the information and tools they need to help reach their goals! We publish thousands of articles, videos, workouts, exercises guides, athlete interviews, expert guides, tools, and much more!

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We have partnered with Commission Junction to provide you real-time tracking and reporting. Once your application is approved, Commission Junction will provide you a suite of online tools to help you optimize your performance. The CJ Account Manager includes easy-to-use searchable help contents, a frequently asked questions archive, and CJU Online, the educational Web site dedicated to providing strategy for your performance-based program. Commission Junction will also send your monthly commission payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commission structure for the program?

We offer an excellent commission to our affiliates, with no caps on the amount you can earn! You'll earn a flat 10% commission all orders sent to us. Commissions will be paid monthly by CJ. Please see the CJ website for monthly minimums on payments.

What deals and coupons can I promote?

We have hundreds of deals and coupons listed on M&S, and we add more daily. As an affiliate, you're allowed to promote any offer you find on our Deals & Coupons Page. You're not permitted to promote any internal coupons we use, or deal of the day. Commissions will not be paid on orders containing these coupons or items.

How do I get text links and banners?

Once your application has been approved, you'll find all the marketing materials you need in your Commission Junction account! You can get access to banners, text links, product links and even download our complete product catalog. We encourage you keep an eye on the deals and coupons, new products and offers we upload. Our best affiliates jump on promoting these offers early and get great results!

What kind of marketing is NOT allowed in the program?

Obviously, any illegal activity or spamming is not allowed. We do not allow any direct linking or forced redirects to the Muscle & Strength website - you must have your own landing page when performing SEM. Internal coupons are not allowed. You're allowed to promote any offer you find on our Deals & Coupons Page. If any affiliate sale is made with a non-affiliate allowed coupon, that sale will become invalid for commission. We also don't allow any affiliate promotions in the Muscle & Strength Forums, or across the Muscle & Strength site in general (ie blogs, member pages etc). If any such banned activity takes place, we will unfortunately have to reverse all unlawful commissions made or at worse, terminate you from the program.

Do you accept cash back/loyalty websites?

Sorry, we do not accept cash back or loyalty websites at this time.

Do I have to be a US Resident to apply?

Not at all, we have affiliates in the program from all over the world! The only countries that we can't accept affiliates from are China and India.

Why am I not allowed to be an affiliate if I live in Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, North Carolina or Rhode Island?

Unfortunately, those states currently enforce what's called a "Nexus Tax Law." Partnering with even one affiliate from any of those states would force us to charge a sales tax to every customer living in that state. Keeping our customer experience of the highest quality while keeping our prices as low as possible is our primary focus, so exposure to nexus is something we will adamantly avoid. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions. To get involved in fighting Nexus Tax Laws nationwide, or to receive more information, click here.

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