Cory Gregory

Cory Gregory
Quick Stats
  • Muscle Pharm
  • The Old School Gym
  • 14 Drug Free Contests
  • 25 Meets, 1755lb Equipped Total
  • Level 1 Trainer
  • Certified
  • Nutrition Certified
  • Exercise Specialist CSCC
Cory Gregory is the Co-Founder and Senior President of MusclePharm, the Co-Owner of The Old School Gym, and a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Cory Gregory is the Co-Founder of MusclePharm.

After saving money from working as an underground coal miner, Gregory started his first gym when he was 20, and he is now an international fitness enthusiast who is sought out for his advanced training and diet techniques.

Holding an Exercise Specialist degree from Columbus State College and a NESTA fitness and nutrition coach certification, Gregory has been mentored by some of the top names in the industry.

His nutrition knowledge came from studying and working with MusclePharm formulator Dr. Eric Serrano for nearly 10 years and he also currently works with world-renowned Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale.

Gregory has also received coaching from legendary bodybuilder Frank Zane and Westside Barbell powerlifting icon Louie Simmons.

As a competitor, Gregory's achievement-filled resume is impressive and he has competed successfully in 14 drug-free bodybuilding competitions and 25 powerlifting meets. He has been featured in numerous other publications, and graced the cover of Fitness and Physique in June 2011.

Gregory has squatted 700 pounds weighing just 208 and his drug-free total of 1,755 pounds (700 squat, 480 bench, 575 deadlift) and he prides himself on practical, natural application of all methods, diet and supplementation.

Gregory also founded the prospering Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation (ONBF) and has owned "The Old School Gym," which has been featured in Powerlifting USA, for the past 10 years, where he was a full-time trainer until he co-founded MusclePharm with CEO Brad Pyatt in 2008.

Now, he's heavily involved with all of the world-class athletes who train at the state-of-the-art MusclePharm Science Center in Denver. Gregory is also the social media voice of MusclePharm, staying in close contact with the MusclePharm consumer through the daily interaction of Twitter @musclepharmpres and Facebook/Musclepharm.

Think outside the box and you've got Cory Gregory. Follow @MusclepharmPres.

Cory Gregory's Content

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