Cory Gregory Mix Of Methods Video Trainer

Cory Gregory Mix Of Methods Video Trainer
Cory Gregory and M&S present a free 8 week program to help drop bodyfat and increase strength. This feature includes a downloadable PDF trainer, instructional videos and a diet plan.

In this exclusive series from MusclePharm and Muscle and Strength, Cory Gregory presents a complete 8 week Mix of Methods Trainer. Build muscle, lose fat and add strength using this complete workout game plan.

We all know the age-old question: Is it possible to gain or maintain strength and muscle while losing body fat? After spending years in the trenches, and trying nearly everything under the sun, MusclePharm President Cory Gregory has the answers.

Before watching the videos in this series, please download the free accompanying Mix of Methods Trainer PDF:

Mix of Methods Free Download

From Cory Gregory:

To get there, though, I wasn’t able to rely on just one style of training. I had to dip into my entire bag of tricks, but the end solution just might lead you to that gold at the end of the rainbow.

Combining a multitude of methods, throwing in some bodyweight exercises and adding a simple, no-nonsense diet and supplementation plan, I’m giving you a way to stay strong and get lean.

I’m presenting to you the Mix Of Methods Trainer and I’m extremely excited to share this awesome plan with you on Muscle & Strength.

The Mix of Methods Trainer combines the following highly effective training tools:

  • Conjugate Method - From the world famous Westside Barbell gym in Columbus, OH, and its owner the legendary Louie Simmons.
  • Time Frame Training (TFT) - The amount of blood that will rush into your muscles with this method is absolutely unreal.
  • As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) - The movements involved in the AMRAPs make for a brutal and beneficial set-up.
  • 100-Rep Explosion - The “100-Rep Explosion” refers to the pump you’ll be facing after this one, as well as the chance that your shirt may explode.
  • Old School 5x5 - There is just something raw and gritty about the way these guys trained. The simplicity of just getting under the bar and doing five sets of five reps each time just sounded hardcore to me.
  • Daily Routine/Bodyweight Exercises - The real bread and butter as to what makes this trainer unique. In order to keep your strength level at a high level while still shedding bodyfat and getting lean, you will be performing a daily bodyweight routine to be done after your work in the weight room.

Introduction to the Mix of Methods Trainer

In this introductory video, Cory Gregory explains the core workout practices and principles that comprise his Mix of Methods Trainer. Learn how these 6 distinct, proven and highly effective systems can help you maintain muscle mass and strength while dropping unwanted fat....and without getting bored!

Cory Gregory Trainer Video #2

Part 1 - Back and Biceps Training

Using the conjugate method you will work up to a max effort, rotating between a heavy deadlift or pullup variation. Next up is a brutal 3-5 minute time frame set featuring rows or pulldowns. This day finishes up with AMRAP training designed to raise your metabolic level, and the epic 100 rep explosion!


Cory Gregory Trainer Video #2

Part 2 - Chest and Triceps Training

Your chest day kicks off with an old school bench press 5x5. Your goal: hit a personal record on the final set. Next, it's time to pump up your chest using a dumbbell movement time frame set. Your pressing day concludes with an AMRAP exercise circuit and a tricep-growing 100 rep explosion session.

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Cory Gregory Trainer Video #4

Part 3 - Squats and Leg Training

Leg day! You start off with an old school 5x5 on squats, then move on to time frame training featuring a lunge variation. Next it's time to get explosive and get your heart rate moving with plyos lunges, squats or box jumps. You're not done yet...leg day wraps up with a 100 rep explosion using leg extensions and curls.


Cory Gregory Trainer Video #5

Part 4- Daily Body Weight Training

Make sure to increase the reps performed for each exercise during off days. Your daily routine will include at least push ups, ab wheel rollouts, weighted crunches and bodyweight squats. For extra credit you can also perform pull ups and dips.

Supplementation and Food

Your meal plan should be accessible and easy. In the final video of this exclusive series, Cory Gregory walks you through your daily food and supplement options. Lean out and maximize the nutrition that backs our training today. This diet plan is quick and it works! Keep your strength, maintain muscle and lose fat.

Supplementation focuses on three primary areas: fat loss, recovery and performance. Learn exactly what to take and when.