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Angelique has competed as a fitness model, bikini model, and in the figure class. She aspires to be a fitness writer.
Angelique Kronebusch

Quick Stats

  • Angelique Kronebusch
  • 33
  • Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • 5'2"
  • 100
  • 10
  • Back
  • Pull Ups
  • BCAAs


Competition History

  • 2008 Fame West 9th Place Fitness Model, 7th Place Bikini Model
  • 2009 Fame West 5th Place Figure Physique
  • 2009 WBFF 4th Place Figure Short
  • 2009 Fame Canadian Nationals 2nd Place Fitness Model, 5th Place Figure Physique
  • 2010 Fame West 2nd Place Figure Physique, 5th Place Muscle Model
  • 2010 May 22nd BCABBA Western Canadians To be announced

Your Background

I was a very unhealthy girl with unhealthy eating habits in my early 20’s. I was feeling sick all the time and putting on weight and found myself to be depressed with my sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. One day I decided something needed to be done and I started working out at home learning from fitness magazines, particularly Oxygen Magazine. I finally joined a gym and was immediately hooked! I decided that one day I would become a personal trainer and also I would compete. I was so inspired by girls like Angela Mraz and Monica Brant and I pictured myself up on stage doing what they do, and now I do!


Angelique Kronebusch Healthy ModelWhat is your training philosophy?

Year around I always lift heavy and never take more than 2 days off from the gym. I train heavy all the time except in the classes I teach. Usually I have a split of chest/shoulders/triceps, back/biceps and legs. When I am off season I do cardio 3x per week and bump it up when I am training for a competition around 5-6x per week. I will also do a lot of HIIT for cardio because I feel like I get the most out of my sessions this way, and also helps to keep the boredom down. 1 month before my competitions, I will switch my training to full body intense training with no breaks in between my sets. I also like to incorporate the skipping rope. I am also a fan of plyometrics for lower and upper body.

What's a good workout routine that has given you results?

  • Monday - Back and Biceps.
  • Tuesday - Chest and Shoulders.
  • Wednesday - Cardio and Back (Same back workout performed on Monday).
  • Thursday - Legs.
  • Friday - Chest and Shoulders.
  • Saturday - Full body exercises with skipping intervals or cardio and back.
  • Sunday - Cardio or day off.
Back and Biceps
Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlift 3-4 6 to 10
Bent Over Row 3-4 6 to 10
One Arm Dumbbell Row 3-4 6 to 10
Pull Up 3-4 6 to 10
Straight Arm Lat Pull Down 3-4 6 to 10
Exercise Sets Reps
Standing Hammer Curl 3-4 6 to 10
Cable Curl 3-4 6 to 10
Concentration Curl 3-4 6 to 10
Chest and Shoulders
Exercise Sets Reps
Cable Chest Press 3-4 6 to 10
Push Up 3-4 6 to 10
Bench Press 3-4 6 to 10
Dumbbell Flys 3-4 6 to 10
Exercise Sets Reps
Seated Dumbbell Press 3-4 6 to 10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3-4 6 to 10
Dumbbell Front Raise 3-4 6 to 10
Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Fly 3-4 6 to 10
Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 3-4 6 to 10
Leg Press 3-4 6 to 10
Barbell Lunge 3-4 6 to 10
Power Squat 3-4 6 to 10
Power Lunge 3-4 6 to 10
Stiff Leg Deadlift 3-4 6 to 10
Single Leg Curl 3-4 6 to 10

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

Pushups, pullups and burpees. These 3 exercises incorporate all different muscle groups and you do not need to use any weights.

Any other info you want to add about training?

Do not be afraid to lift heavy as a woman, you will not look like the Hulk!

Angelique Kronebusch Nutrition


What is your philosophy on nutrition?

Nutrition is very important to me. I like clean food and keep it clean most of the time. I am always eating every 2-3 hours and do not like the feeling of starving myself. I have been doing this for years and have gotten the best results this way. I am very lean and have lots of energy from eating consistently throughout the day and years.

Give us a typical day in your diet (off season):

I always eat oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast. Sometimes I do add a whole egg a few times per week off season. I like a whole, nutritious breakfast that is not full of empty carbs and sugar. I usually eat chicken, fish and protein shakes for my other protein sources, and carbs are oats, yams, sweet potato, rice, whole wheat wraps. I eat a lot of veggies and my fat sources usually come from almonds, almond butter or natural peanut butter.

Give us a typical day in your diet (contest prep):

  • Meal 1: 1/3 cup oatmeal, 10 almonds, ½ cup dry cottage cheese or ½ egg whites.
  • Meal 2: 3oz chicken and veggies.
  • Meal 3: 3oz chicken and 3oz yams.
  • Meal 4: Gaspari Nutrition Intrapro chocolate shake.
  • Meal 5: 3oz chicken with greens.
  • Meal 6: 3oz chicken or 1 can tuna with a large salad.
  • Meal 7: If I am still hungry, I eat some more egg whites.

What are your favorite meals and foods?

I really actually enjoy oatmeal, I also love yams, I love almond butter and peanut butter.

Favorite cheat food?

Sushi, quesadillas, tortilla chips with guacamole, anything chocolate.


What supplements do you use that give you great results? How do you use them?

  1. BCAA capsules: I take 2 in the morning with breakfast. I have been using since October 2009 and I have noticed that I have put on more muscle mass.
  2. Glutamine powder: I take 2x per day for muscle repair, also for my immune system.
  3. Protein powder.


Angelique Kronebusch Bikini ModelWhat are the 3 best tips you'd give to women thinking about competing in figure or fitness modeling?

  1. Do your research! Figure out where to get your tanning products, suits etc.
  2. Make achievable goals for yourself. Do not expect to lose 40lbs in 12 weeks.
  3. Hire a coach to help you with posing/walking. You can look awesome but your hard work can be wasted if you look awkward on stage.

What's your best tip for looking your best on competition day?

Prep 3 days ahead with tanning products so you really show off your muscle definition the day of the show.

Future Plans

What shows have you got coming up, where can we see you compete?

I have one very soon, May 22nd in my town Kelowna, BC. It is through the British Columbia Bodybuilding Association and the venue is called the Western Canadians. Huge event! Everyone from Kelowna including Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary come out to this one.

What would you like to achieve in your figure and fitness career?

I would like to be a regular in magazines and also write fitness articles for magazines.

Favorite Competitors/Idols

I have always liked Angela Mraz, she is so strong looking. I also really admire Jaime Eason, she is beautiful and has my dream job.

How Can People Contact You?

How can people contact you?


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Posted Thu, 07/22/2010 - 00:59

I would just like to announce that I placed 4th at the BCABBA in the figure short category May 22nd and my biggest announcement... I just won the figure short category at the WBFF Alberta Championships July 3rd!

Steven's picture
Posted Thu, 07/22/2010 - 08:20