Natural Beast And Strength Freak Michael Goodwin Talks To Muscle & Strength

Michael Goodwin
Quick Stats
  • Michael Goodwin
  • Dartford, UK
  • 23
  • 5’11”
  • Natural Bodybuilding & Powerlifting
  • 2nd in Britain Bodybuilding & 2nd in Europe Powerlifting (1ookg) - qualified for world championships
  • 6
  • Bodybuilding 80kg, Powerlifting 99 kg
  • 102 kg
  • Platinum Sport Nutrition
Michael is a natural freak who is highly ranked both in bodybuilding and powerlifting. In this interview he outlines his 5 day split for both muscle and strength building.

What do you love most about lifting?

What I love most about natural bodybuilding and natural powerlifting is the physical and mental challenge to progress. Progression does not occur at a fast rate and I am always trying to better myself. Each rep, each set, each workout, each week I am reflecting on performance via video technology to check if my biomechanics are as efficient as they can be, researching nutrition and supplement tips and always listening to experienced advice.

Michael Goodwin

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated ties in with why I love my sport. The challenge to better myself and be the best keeps me fully motivated throughout all my sessions and throughout my season. The compliments and support of friends and family is always an added boost and helps keep me going when times are hard.

Michael GoodwinWhat are your future goals, dreams and plans?

My future goals, dreams and plans are to try and be the best I can be. My short-term goal is to beat all my PB’s at this year’s World powerlifting championships and be a recognizable force within the sport. I want to set a new U23 bench press British record. My dreams and plans for bodybuilding are to come back to the stage looking unbeatable. I want to win the British and challenge for a Pro card and represent my country internationally against the best bodybuilders in the world.

What does your current training and split look like, and what do you like most about it?

My current training plan is based on a 2 x 6 week program. Weekly my program looks like:

What changes every 6 weeks is the rep range on the 3 specific lifts bench press, squat and deadlift. One 6 week it will be based around 3 reps and the other 6 weeks it will be based around 1 reps. All other isolation exercises are changed every 6 weeks. This is to keep the muscle guessing but allowing the muscle to show progression on a specific movement.

In my opinion, 7-8 weeks is when I start to plateau on a specific movement, therefore I try and beat this by changing my program before this occurs. This program also allows me to get the most form strength and power training.

Michael Goodwin

Do you supplement your weight training and cardio with any other physical activities?

Yes, I supplement my training with other forms of training. I incorporate sprint, agility and plyometric training once a week. I enjoy sprint training and find this helps me with my explosive power. The main reason why I do this is to keep me more mobile and dynamically flexible.

I find if I tend to do just weights I tend to stiffen up and feel too slow. Agility also helps me with how agile I am. Through incorporating this I feel I am an all round athlete. Finally the plyometric training is to help me with my explosive power.

Michael GoodwinWhat are some of your best training tips for someone who just wants to get ripped?

The best tips I could give to someone who just wants to look good and rip is be consistent with your training, combined weights with cardio either HR training or HIIT, stick to a healthy balanced diet and supplement with a good protein, glutamine and creatine.

What does your post-workout nutrition and supplementation look like?

My post work out supplementation includes Platinum sport nutrition whey protein, glutamine, creatine, BCAAs, and maltodextrin. This provides me with quicker recovery and maximum growth.

What are some of your best diet, nutrition and supplementation tips for someone who just wants to look good and ripped, but doesn’t want to compete?

The best nutritional tip I can give which has worked well for me is to try and eat every 2-3 hours consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats with a piece of fruit. Try to have a different protein, carbohydrate and fruit sauce each meal. This will provide you the different benefits of each food e.g. different amino acids. It will also provide you will maximum energy for a good workout and help you recover fully for your next workout.

With supplements, I have found that the essential 3 for me is protein, glutamine and creatine. This helps with growth, performance and recovery.

What does your current supplementation plan look like?

My current supplement plan looks like Platinum sport nutrition whey protein, glutamine, creatine, BCAAs, maltodextrin, ZMA, cod-liver oil, flax seed oil, and a multivitamin.

What attracts you to the natural side of sports and competition?

What attracts me about the natural side of sport and competition ties in with why I love the sport which is the physical and mental challenge to better myself. Progression can be measured in small margins but progression is progression. Being natural, you have to be a strong character.

I have found that being patient is the key, nothing comes over night. To push the human body to the extreme naturally and becoming the best is the most rewarding goal. Through doing it naturally I have become more healthy and have gained a lot of respect.

Michael Goodwin

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