[Video] Victor Martinez's Legendary Arm Day Workout

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January 22nd, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, shows you what it takes to build legendary arms like he has. Give his workout a try and start putting on arm mass today!

MHP athlete and IFBB Pro, Victor Martinez, has some of the best arms in the game.

So, when we visited him this past year, you know we had to get him to demonstrate an arm workout for us.

He happily agreed to invite us along to watch the gun show at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym.

Check out Vic’s big arm workout and give it a try for yourself the next time you train arms.

Victor Martinez’s Arm Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
One Arm Seated Tricep Extensions 4 10-15 Each
A1. Rope Tricep Extensions 3 20, 15, 12
A2. Rope Overhead Tricep Extension 3 20, 15, 12
Machine Dips 4 10-12
Alternating Dumbbell Curl 4 10-15 Each
Barbell Curl* 4 10-12
B1. Machine Preacher Curl 3 20, 15, 12
B2. One Arm Machine Preacher Curl 3 20, 15, 12

*Perform a drop set on the final set.

Victor likes starting his arm workouts by training triceps instead of biceps. He feels by training biceps first, his bicep pump may get in the way of some of the tricep extensions.

He kicks things off with a seated one arm dumbbell tricep extension. The reason he does this exercise seated is to prevent himself from cheating through the repetitions.

He follows this exercise with a superset pairing of rope tricep extensions and overhead rope tricep extensions. He’ll typically perform 3-4 sets of this superset with the first set being 20 reps, followed by 15 reps and 12 reps. He’ll take 15-20 seconds to transition from the first movement to the second movement in the superset.

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To finish up triceps, Vic does machine dips. One of the biggest mistakes he sees people make on the machine dip is extending way too high on the machine. This puts too much pressure on the chest and rotator cuff. Instead, he recommends keeping the handles 3 inches below the chest.

To begin his bicep portion of his workout, he starts off with alternating bicep curls. Then, he moves on to barbell curls. For barbell curls, keep your hands shoulder-width apart. And on the last set, he performs a drop set.

Lastly, to wrap things up, Victor performs a bicep superset on the machine preacher curl. The first exercise is the regular preacher machine curl and the second exercise is a one arm preacher machine curl.