Bikini And Fitness Model Kandace Hudspeth Talks To M&S

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Kandace Hudspeth
Quick Stats
  • Kandace Hudspeth
  • 29
  • New York, NY
  • 5'8"
  • Bikini/Fitness Model
  • 128 lbs
  • 138 lbs
  • 10
  • 4th Place Bikini Tall 2011 WBFF Eastern USA’s
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Kandace Hudspeth is living the Fit Life! In this interview she shares her workout, diet and supplementation plans, along with recipes and more!

What is your athletic background, and how did you get involved with fitness and competing?

Health and fitness have always been a fundamental part of my life. I grew up with dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Through college I was a personal trainer and gymnastics coach. I started competing in fitness in 2000; I won my very first show and fell in love with the sport.

I did fitness shows for several years but had to take a break from competing while finishing my MBA and focusing on my career. Being away from the sport made me realize how much I truly loved it. A few years ago I started a blog ( and a coaching business to keep me connected, I write and respond to questions during my “down time”. It is therapeutic; I love helping people achieve their personal best!

Kandace Hudspeth

I am passionate about giving readers with the knowledge and motivation they need to reach their goals! In 2011, I got the itch to compete again. This time I decided to compete in the bikini division. The bikini physique is sustainable and aligns with my lifestyle. It enables me to continue to make improvements aesthetically and focus on my other fitness goals away from the stage.

I believe in eating clean and training hard EVERYDAY! I believe in constant progress! I believe in pushing hard! I believe in giving my mind body and soul what it needs to achieve my goals. I love training, I love goal setting, and most of all I love achieving new personal bests.

Kandace HudspethMy least favorite element of the sport is the unhealthy behaviors that it can enable. I am not a fan of the on/off season mindset. Yes, I like ice cream just as much as anyone else and I may allow myself a treat now and then but not on a regular basis.

No, I do not feel deprived. I actually enjoy the foods I eat every day! I believe this is they key to I would pick a killer session in the gym or a run over any night out in the city. I enjoy getting up before the sun and working hard to achieve my goals.

What does your current training and split look like, and what do you like most about it?

My training doesn't always revolve around the goal of a bodybuilding/fitness/bikini competition. Sure I enjoy getting dolled up and strutting my stuff but I am an athlete. Athletes train to perform. The majority of my fitness goals are performance driven. Most recently I completed the Men’s Health Uranathalon, a 10-mile adventure race.

My typical training week looks like this…

  • Monday: Early morning cardio 40 minutes, evening training - legs 60 minutes.
  • Tuesday: Early morning cardio 30 minutes (intervals), evening training - back 60 minutes.
  • Wednesday: Full body conditioning 60 minutes (AM or PM depending on schedule).
  • Thursday: Early morning cardio 30 minutes (intervals), evening training – shoulders 60 minutes.
  • Friday: Early morning cardio 40 minutes, evening training - chest and arms 60 minutes.
  • Saturday: Full body conditioning or long run.
  • Sunday: Rest and prep for the week.

I love being in the gym. So two a days are a treat for me. I am in an office all day long, my morning and evening gym times are my favorite part of the day!

Kandace Hudspeth

What are some of your best training tips for someone who wants to look good and get ripped?

There is no secret. Achieving your fitness goals requires good old fashion HARD WORK! The formula equals diet, weight training, cardio and CONSISTENCY! For more tips and advice please check out my first ebook, FitLife: Getting Started.

What does your cutting (eating) plan look like?

Achieving and maintaining the body you want happens through consistently eating right and training hard! If you want to look lean everyday then you need to the work that's required! Your body will fight you ever step of the way just waiting for the moment you slack off!

Kandace HudspethYou need to take a lifestyle approach and commit to a structured nutritional plan. This plan has to be something you can sustain! My diet stays fairly consistent year round. I will cycle my calories and carbs to shock my system now and then but when it comes to food, I am a creature of habit. I have found the foods that support my goals and that I enjoy eating. I think this is the key to success.

Example of diet. My diet looks like this…

  • Meal 1: Whey protein, BCAAs, Glutamine (pre workout).
  • Meal 2: Protein pancake (recipe here).
  • Meal 3: 5 egg whites and tons of brocslaw (my favorite veggie).
  • Meal 4: Chicken meatloaf (recipe here).
  • Meal 5: Whey protein, BCAAs, Glutamine (pre workout if I am hitting a 2nd session).
  • Meal 6: Grilled chicken breast and large spinach and cabbage salad with Walden Farms sugar free balsamic dressing (info here).
  • Meal 7: Protein popsicle (recipe here).

How do you prepare meals? Do you cook daily or cook for the week?

Meal prep one or two days a week will save your diet! This way you have no excuse! The RIGHT food is there. Now you just need to eat it! If your meals are not ready and convenient to eat you are almost guaranteed to slip! Have your meals ready and with you at all times!

I prep and pack my meals for the week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. This ensures that I stay on track all week long. I bring my food with me each day. Yes all of it! Most days I eat 6 of my meals at the office, gym, or in transit. The other three I eat at home.

What are some of your best diet, nutrition and supplementation tips?

Here are my top 5 diet Tips:

  1. Eat 5-8 small meals a day, every 2-3 hours.
  2. Include lean protein in every meal.
  3. Include slow digesting complex carbs early in the day.
  4. Load up on veggies all day long!
  5. Make sure you get in some quality fats, omega 3-6-9. Just be cautious of the calories.

Make sure you subscribe to my FitTips! I will send you daily tips and motivation!

Kandace HudspethWhat are some of your favorite supplements and why?

Recovery is critical to my success each day in the gym. My supplementation regimen is focused on pre and post workout fueling and overall health. Daily I take the following supplements:

  • Multivitamin – Overall health and immunity
  • Green Superfood - Alkalize and balance pH levels, support immune strength, help with digestion, etc.
  • Whey Protein - Enhances muscle building capacity and muscular endurance
  • EFAs - Good fats enhance athletic performance, decrease recovery time, improve protein and amino acid utilization, increase metabolic rate, etc
  • Glutamine - The athletes amino acid… fuels your workouts, helps you recover, improves protein utilization
  • BCAAs - Boost immune function, improves protein utilization, decrease recovery time, and has anti-catabolic effects
  • FastFuel (Pre workout) - Whey Isolate, creatine, amino's, glutamine (more info here).

What are your favorite meals and foods?

I provided a few of my favorite meals and recipes above in my diet plan but here is a dish I have been making a lot lately. This is my favorite winter salad. It is warm and so yummy! I hope you enjoy! Chicken fajita salad.

Kandace HudspethWhat are some of your favorite motivational quotes?

  • “The BIGGER the goal the more it COSTS! TIME = (T)hings (I) (M)ust (E)arn!! Dream Big! Train hard!” - Kandace Hudspeth
  • “Motivation runs 360! Help others whenever possible!” – Kandace Hudspeth
  • “Being fit makes a statement!! Is says I care about ME! I make MYSELF a priority!!!” – Kandace Hudspeth
  • “FitLifers make a success of LIVING! We see our goals and we drive toward them! Keep pushing!” - Kandace HUdspeth.

If someone wants to connect with you, where can you be found?

You can follow me here…

Be sure to check out my blog for daily FitTips  & Motivation!

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