300 Workout: The Rise Of A New You! A Plan To Get Muscular & Ripped

Brad Borland
Written By: Brad Borland
February 28th, 2014
Updated: January 10th, 2018
Seize your glory by building a Spartan body. This feature presents three new workouts, including a powerful 4 day split designed to shred fat and build muscle.
Workout Summary

Workout Description

Brad Borland is a strength & conditioning specialist, cancer survivor and the founder of WorkoutLab.

With 300: Rise of an Empire hitting theaters soon, it is no wonder that the Spartan physique is now well known and sought-after by so many gym-goers these days. The original 300 workout devised and popularized through renowned trainer to the stars Mark Twight of Gym Jones is now considered legend thanks to the movie franchise.

Although the 300 workout (listed below) has made its rounds all over the web in the last few years, the workouts, according to Twight, were always evolving setting new challenges and upping the ante for the cast. This evolution was not only necessary for curtailing boredom and cultivating much-needed motivation, it was also to facilitate a “shock and awe” approach so the body would consistently be challenged and subsequently changing.

The original 300 workout (no rest between movements):

  • Pullups - 25 reps
  • Barbell deadlift with 135 lbs. - 50 reps
  • Pushups - 50 reps
  • 24-inch box jumps - 50 reps
  • Floor wipers - 50 reps
  • Single-arm clean-and-press with 36 lbs Kettlebell - 50 reps
  • Pullups - 25 reps
  • 300 total reps are performed

For those seeking a beginner and intermediate version of the original 300 workout, try the two programs below on for size.

Beginner 150 - 150 total reps

  • Inverted rows - 15 reps
  • Body-weight prisoner squats - 25 reps
  • Pushups - 20 reps
  • Jumping jacks - 40 reps
  • Floor V-ups - 20 reps
  • One-arm dumbbell push press - 15 reps each
  • Inverted rows - 15 reps
  • 150 total reps performed

Intermediate 230 - 230 total reps

  • Pullups - 20 reps
  • Barbell or dumbbell deadlift - 30 reps
  • Pushups - 40 reps
  • Squat jumps - 40 reps
  • Floor V-ups - 40 reps
  • Kettlebell push press - 40 reps
  • Pullups or inverted row - 20 reps
  • 230 total reps performed

Now, these workouts can be performed three or four times per week, but after you have reached 300-level fitness and some time passes on the program you will need some variety and new challenges.

300 Workout: The Rise Of A New You

Below is a modified four day program to challenge not only your capacity for intensity but will test your ego. Try them on any four days of the week for four weeks (for description sake Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be used). Challenge yourself for not only intensity and reps but also for time. Be sure to perform each move with proper form and technique and adhere to the warm-up as well.

Dynamic warm-up complex (perform one round without rest):
  • Jumping jacks – 15 reps
  • Push-ups – 15 reps
  • Walking lunges – 30 steps total (15 Each Leg)
  • Burpees – 15 reps
300 Workout
Exercise Reps
Dynamic warm-up complex  
Barbell clean and press 15
Pull-ups 25
Split squat jumps 30
Feet-elevated push-ups 30
Hanging leg raises or lying leg raises 40
Two-arm kettlebell swing 40
30-50 yard sprint or sled push  
Perform the complex for one to three rounds  
300 Workout
Exercise Reps
Dynamic warm-up complex  
One-arm kettlebell or dumbbell clean and press 15
Barbell deadlifts 20
Box jumps 30
Renegade rows 20
Mountain climbers 30
Goblet squats 20
Inverted rows 20
2 minute jog  
Perform the complex for one to three rounds  
300 Workout
Exercise Reps
Dynamic warm-up complex  
One-arm kettlebell or dumbbell push press 15
Reverse-grip chin-ups 25
Walking lunges 15 Each Leg
Close-Grip push-ups 30
Floor wipers  40
Barbell upright row 40
30-50 yard sprint or sled push  
Perform the complex for one to three rounds  
300 Workout
Exercise Reps
Dynamic warm-up complex  
Kettlebell or dumbbell deadlifts 20
Two-arm kettlebell or dumbbell clean and press 15
Bench step-ups 30
Inverted rows 20
Floor leg raise/crunch combo 15 Each
Barbell squats 20
Push-ups on dumbbells 20
2 minute jog  
Perform the complex for one to three rounds  
Tristan Hall
Posted on: Tue, 04/25/2023 - 21:12

So I’ve tried the beginner workout but never really got to advance to the regular workout of this program. My goal is to lose some pounds and shed fat, My body type is pretty much an endomorph like the actor for the 300 movie Gerard butler. Would this be a good program to be able to reach that goal paired with a good diet and the high reps suited for an wndomorph? And are there any other program recommendations for my body type?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Tue, 05/02/2023 - 13:07

It would at least get you on the right path. Not going to say you would look like Gerard exactly, but you'll make good progress. If you need or want to consider other programs, check this link out.


Arpit Tiwari
Posted on: Thu, 01/30/2020 - 06:38

Can i add one arm day in this? And 2nd question is that i perform 3 circuit workout of monday and all onter day? Please reply soon

Posted on: Thu, 08/15/2019 - 07:25

how long should i do this program ?

Posted on: Tue, 12/26/2017 - 10:07


I'm currently doing a full body training regimen 3x/week. Would it be counter productive to incorporate the intermediate 300 workout at the end of my lifting sessions for cardio/enhanced fat loss?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 12/27/2017 - 09:24

Hi Marc,

Depending on your individual ability to recover, I'd say it could very well be.

When it comes to resistance training, more doesn't always equate to better.

Focus on your diet, make sure you are in a calorie deficit. If you are, be consistent and give yourself adequate time to reach your goals before seeking to add in more (stressful) activity.

Hope this helps!

Everett York
Posted on: Mon, 05/15/2017 - 14:28

Can you add heavy core items to this ? Like some basic heavy bench,incline , squat etc.? Or would that kill your work?

Lamont moon
Posted on: Sat, 03/11/2017 - 08:58

Tbis workout is solid... I put in tredmill work aswell for finishing touches.My question, on avrage... How many calories can you estimate this circuit may burn with all three rounds preformed?

Posted on: Fri, 10/28/2016 - 18:56

you do the dynamic warm up 1 time without rest then you do the complex for 1 to 3 rounds without rest, you rest after each round of complex for however long it takes you to recover. This is a very difficult workout if performed correctly. It will get you lean, lean if you are eating right and performing at a high intensity.

Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2014 - 18:39

Is this workout good for shredding fat?

Posted on: Sun, 09/04/2016 - 21:31

Fat loss is simply burning more calories than you take in. With that said to shred fat you need good eating habits first and foremost and any exercise routine helps.

Posted on: Tue, 07/22/2014 - 09:04

I was wondering if this workout would be okay for law enforcement?

Posted on: Sun, 09/04/2016 - 21:28

Why wouldn't it be good for law enforcement?

Posted on: Sun, 06/01/2014 - 11:56

the best progrem that i tryed im filling the muscle burning and its awesome

Posted on: Sat, 05/31/2014 - 02:30

Which Burpees is recommended?

James Pollock
Posted on: Wed, 05/21/2014 - 00:17

Can you do this first thing in the morning?

James Pollock
Posted on: Tue, 05/20/2014 - 15:28

Can I do this first thing in the morning?

Posted on: Mon, 05/19/2014 - 13:07

Is this done as an extra to my weightlifting workout?

Posted on: Thu, 04/24/2014 - 15:57

i don't understand the workout at the end. when you finish you need to repeat two times more our just once? thanks

Posted on: Sat, 04/19/2014 - 18:52

I just competed 2 weeks on the program and loved it. I plan on rotating the workout in my CF routine one week every month. I would highly recomend the workout and Brad's web site has a lot of good info. Thanks.

Posted on: Wed, 03/19/2014 - 23:11

How many sets are there? Or is everything just one set?

Posted on: Thu, 03/27/2014 - 07:58

just one set

Brad C
Posted on: Thu, 03/13/2014 - 20:27

On day one you have Pull ups listed but when you click on the link it shows wide grip. Which one should I do?

Posted on: Thu, 03/27/2014 - 07:56

do the wide grip

Posted on: Thu, 03/13/2014 - 03:54

Looks great but I have few questions please :
- which complex should be repeated 1 to 3 rounds , the dynamic warm-up complex or the whole set of exercises listed ?
- how many seconds do u recommend between exercises ?
- can i add hiit cardio on days off ??

Posted on: Tue, 03/11/2014 - 10:27

2 Questions: Are these all done without rest? When you have a one-arm lift, do you complete the set for both arms or just choose one?

Posted on: Thu, 03/27/2014 - 07:53

Yes, they're done without rest. For the one-arm lift if it says the set is 15 then you perform 15 per arm that's a total of 30 and don't perform the whole 15 for the right arm then 15 for the other one, you have to alternate like for example 2 for the left then 2 for the right until you complete 15 for each arm.

Posted on: Tue, 03/11/2014 - 09:36

What is a good time for three rounds?

Posted on: Sun, 03/02/2014 - 11:22

This workout looks great! Just a few questions, I am coming to the end of a bulking plan, will this help maintain the muscle gained but burn fat at the same time?also in terms of weight used, I assume its a lighter weight on the resistance exercises due the amount of reps? Sorry and one more thing, how long should you run this plan for? Thank you in advance

Posted on: Mon, 03/03/2014 - 21:34

With a cut you want to stay around the same weight you were pulling, but more importantly, your cut is based almost entirely around your diet.

Posted on: Mon, 03/10/2014 - 16:22

Hello, I would run this, much like any other plan for around 4 to 6 weeks. if you find you want to keep your muscle and are losing a bit (but don't mistaken that for fat loss), then just lower some reps and increase some of the weight.

Posted on: Thu, 03/27/2014 - 07:59

This isn't a workout this is like a fitness session, you're supposed to do this instead of cardio and you have to keep the weight lifting workout, so if you weight lift in the morning you do this in the afternoon and vice versa.

Posted on: Sat, 03/01/2014 - 23:27

Look solid!!!!!" Perform the complex one to three round" does it mean repeat everything 1 to 3 time ? Or perform the warm up 1 to 3 times?

Posted on: Fri, 03/07/2014 - 09:58

"The complex" is the warm-up complex described earlier in the article. You perform the warm-up complex before starting the core of the workout, and perform the warm-up complex 1 to 3 times again at the end of the workout as a cool-down.