[Video] How to Build Big & Thick Triceps w/ Victor Martinez

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May 30th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez shows us 5 different triceps exercise variations he likes to use to add muscle mass to the back of his arm.

MHP athlete and IFBB Pro, Victor Martinez, recently made the trip down to Columbia, SC to visit our team at the Muscle & Strength Headquarters.

In this video, Vic drops some knowledge on tricep exercises for mass building.

So, if you’ve ever had the goal of adding size and density to your triceps, these exercises will help.

1. Skullcrushers

To start things off, Victor breaks down the tricep skullcrusher. He describes them as an old school movement and one of his favorite exercises to build triceps.

After finishing a set, he typically moves right into close grip EZ bar presses. Remember to go over the skull to emphasize hitting the bellies of the triceps.

2. Close Grip Cable Press

Close grip cable presses are often performed incorrectly or thought of as a poor range of motion variation of the tricep extension. However, they serve a purpose.

Keep the elbows out, not in. And as you perform the movement, bring the bar just below chest level.

Victor likes to finish with this exercise because it’s an isolation movement that also allows you to go heavy.

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3. Smith Machine Close Grip Press

Performing close grip presses on the Smith machine locks you into the range of motion. This allows you to isolate the triceps better than a compound free weight exercise.

Since you’re locked in, you must ensure you are at the perfect angle for your body type to isolate the triceps.

With this movement you can utilize either a normal or reverse grip. Place the hands slightly inside shoulder width and bring the weight down just low enough to feel your triceps activate. You do not want to bring the weight all the way down to your chest.

4. Dumbbell Overhead Trcieps Extension

Victor notices a lot of people in the gym perform the dumbbell overhead extension way too light. In his opinion, it’s a mass movement that is better performed with heavier weight.

Don’t place your elbows too far out or too far in. Align them as naturally as they can be. When performing the exercise, push through the base of your hand and utilize the bench to shift focus away from the lower back and onto the triceps.

The heavier you go, on any exercise, the more a spotter will be beneficial.