[Video] George Peterson's Heavy Leg Workout at Bev's

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July 18th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Redcon1 athlete and Arnold Classic Classic Champion George Peterson's coach, Justin Miller, takes us through one of George's typical heavy leg workouts.

Earlier in the year, we traveled north to New York City to catch up with Redcon1 athlete, George Peterson, shortly after his 2019 Arnold Classic Classic victory.

In this video, George’s coach, Justin Miller, takes him through one of the athlete’s typical leg workouts.

Watch the video to get more insight on the exercise selection and technique tips, and be sure to check out the workout table below for a full breakdown of the leg workout.

Exercise Sets Reps
A1. Leg Extensions 3 12
A2. Seated Leg Curl 3 12
Squat 5 10, 10, 10, 8, 6
Close Stance Leg Press 5 10
Single Leg Press 4 12-15 Each
Leg Extension w/ Static Hold 4 15 + 3 5-sec holds
Lying Leg Curl 4 12

Be sure to give it a shot the next time you train legs!

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