21 Year Old Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead's Big Arm Workout

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February 23rd, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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MHP athlete Chris Bumstead takes us through one of his mass building arm day routines that he uses to build stage ready biceps and triceps. Check it out!

Earlier this month, MHP athlete and 21 year old bodybuilding phenom, Chris Bumstead swung by the Muscle & Strength Headquarters.

While at HQ, we followed Chris as he gave us an inside look into how he trains arms.

Arm day is the best day of the week for most bros.

However, Chris doesn’t particularly enjoy partaking in strictly arm workouts.

He admits that’s probably the reason why his arms are a lagging body part for him.

The workout Chris inevitably shows us is the exact workout he uses to bring up his arms when they start lagging behind the rest of his muscle development.

1. Close Grip Bench Press

Chris starts off his tough arm workout with a heavy compound movement to attack the triceps in the close grip bench press.

Chris likes to perform these with a high volume of about 10-15 reps per set. 275lbs is usually the highest amount of weight Chris will work himself up to on these. After warming up with one set of 135 and one set of 225, Chris performs 2 sets at 275lbs before moving on to his next lift.

2. EZ Bar Curl

Next up for Chris’s arm day is the EZ bar preacher curl. The EZ bar preacher curl is one of Chris’s favorite bicep exercises and it’s great for isolating and getting a good stretch on the bicep.

To build arms that are proportional to the rest of his body, Chris aims to train them with both high volume and heavy weight. One tactic he uses to do this is heavy negative reps.

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Chris organizes his sets of EZ bar preacher curls by doing one light warm up set, followed by 2 heavy sets with a focus on the negative portion on the rep, and finishes with a rep out set using lighter weight once again.

3. Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extension & Incline Curl Superset

After doing a single exercise for his bicep and tricep, Chris likes to follow up with a superset targeting both muscle groups.

Chris heads over to the incline bench and grabs two dumbbells. He starts off with a set of incline dumbbell tricep extensions and supersets with incline concentration curls.

High volume workouts tend to take a while to complete and supersets can help you pack in more work in half the time.

4. Rope Tricep Pushdown & Dumbbell Hammer Curl Superset

Immediately after finishing his first superset, Chris heads over to the cable machine to do his final superset of the workout.

He grabs a rope attachment and starts off the superset by performing rope tricep pushdowns. After conquering those reps, Chris makes his way to the dumbbell rack and performs dumbbell hammer curls to complete the superset.