[Video] Big Boulder Shoulder Workout w/ Antoine Vaillant

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January 27th, 2020
Updated: October 27th, 2021
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IFBB Pro, Antoine Vaillant, takes us through one of his off-season mass building shoulder workouts at his gym in Burlington, Ontario, Pure Muscle & Fitness.

In this video, IFBB Pro, Antoine Vaillant, takes us through one of his typical off-season shoulder workouts at his gym, Pure Muscle & Fitness.

To increase the intensity of the workout, his fellow residents at the Muscle Mansion, Quinton Eriya and Noah Hamilton, join him.

The workout is full of intensity tactics that push the muscles of the shoulder past the point of failure.

Be sure to watch the video and give the workout below a try the next time you train shoulders.

Antoine Vaillant’s Shoulder Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Side Lateral Pyramid* - -
Seated Machine Lateral Raise 3** 8-15
Viking Press 4 10-15
Cable Front Raise 4 10-12
Rear Delt Fly*** 4 10-15
A1. Machine Shoulder Press 3 10
A2. Reverse Pec Deck 3 10
Behind the Back Upright Row 4 15

*Start with 15lb dumbbells and go up rack. After you reach max weight drop back down taking each weight to failure on your final set.
**2 warm up sets, 1 double drop set to failure.
***On final set perform to failure, then perform rear delt rows to failure, then perform an isohold to failure.