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In only her first year of competition Glory has managed to climbed to an elite level. She recently won a figure pro card at the 2011 INBF Mr. America!
Glory Billman

Quick Stats

  • Glory Billman
  • 27
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • 5'3"
  • 118 lbs
  • 7
  • Shoulders
  • Deadlift and Incline Chest Press
  • Whey Protein Powder

Your Background

Competition History

  • April 2010, OCB Eastern Regionals, First Place Figure Debut, First Figure Novice, and First Figure Open Short
  • April 2010, USBF Silver Cup, First Place Figure Open Short
  • October 2010, OCB Charm City Classic, First Place Figure Open Short and Overall Open Winner
  • October 2010, OCB Yorton Cup, Second Place Figure Open Middle
  • April 2011, INBF Natural North American, Second Place Figure Open Short
  • May 2011, OCB Atlantic Supershow, First Place Figure Open Lower Middle, Third Overall
  • May 2011, INBF Mr. America, First Place Figure Open and Overall Winner for WNBF Pro Card

Glory Billman

What is your background, and how did you get started in Figure competitions?

I have been passionate about fitness and weight training since high school. I worked part time at an old-school bodybuilding gym where I started to learn exercises and technique from some of the trainers. After seeing how quickly weight training changed my body and improved so many other aspects in my life, I was in love! It became a priority on my daily schedule a well as long distance running.

After a stress fracture in my right hip from running injuries, I decided to start lifting heavier and set some new goals. I started eating, training, and living the bodybuilder lifestyle. In the fall of 2009, I set my mind on competing. About 1 week after meeting with a nutritionist, I was diagnosed with another stress fracture in my left hip. My goals remained despite the doubts I got from others. I kept my diet tight, trained my upper body hard, and I did my first contest just 4 months after losing my crutches. I won every class I entered and was hooked!


Glory BillmanWhat is your training philosophy?

I prefer to call my off season an improvement season. I train hard and heavy all year, with a focus on getting stronger as opposed to “bulking”. The size will come with the strength gains and proper diet. It is important to keep cardio in the plan year round to prevent too much fat gain off season.

What is a workout that’s worked best for you?

I like to try new exercises and routines every few weeks off season. For all my training I try to go as heavy as I can  for 6-10 reps. As I get closer to contest time I superset a lot and add plyos between sets. My reps increase to 8-12/15. I also try to get in 30 minutes of morning cardio 4-5 days a week during contest prep. 

  • Monday: Back - Lots of rowing exercises, wide grip pulldowns, pullups, and hyperextensions.
  • Tuesday: Legs - Deadlifts, squats, lunges, plyo work, any pressing motions.
  • Wednesday: HIIT Cardio.
  • Thursday: Chest and Arms - Incline barbell and dumbbell presses, pushups, cable flye incline dumbbell bicep curls, weighed bench dips, hammer curls, tricep cable extensions.
  • Friday: Shoulders, Abs, Calves - Arnold presses, lateral raises, military presses, shrugs, rope crunches, and hanging leg raises, seated and standing calf raises.
  • Saturday: HIIT Cardio.
  • Sunday: Rest. Although I like to be active everyday so I will usually go for a long walk if it is nice outside or find some heavy household chores to do.

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

  1. Squats - They engage your entire body, encourage all over growth and strength, burn a ton  of calories, and  build an awesome backside. Want me to keep going?
  2. Deadlift - As a woman, its important to focus on strength gain rather than “bulking”. Deadlifts improve strength gains drastically, as well as size gains and if done with properly can improve posture. I think its a necessary part of any ones training program.
  3. Pushups - They work every single muscle above your hips plus some below, build a strong core, strong arms,  rounded front shoulders, and simultaneously burns calories!

Anything else you want to add about training?

As important as it is to train hard all year, it is also important to listen to your body. You can ‘t improve without rest.

Glory Billman


What is your philosophy on nutrition?

Consistency is key! Eating clean should be a lifestyle year round, not a diet.

Give us a typical day in your diet (off season):

  • Meal 1: Egg whites and 1 whole egg and oatmeal topped with flax seed and cinnamon.
  • Meal 2: Greek yogurt and berries.
  • Meal 3: Chicken over spinach salad with flax seed oil and brown rice.
  • Meal 4: Fish and steamed veggies, sweet potato.
  • Meal 5: Egg whites and Ezekiel toast with peanut butter.
  • On training days I also get Pre workout: whey shake.
  • Post Workout: Whey shake, honey and rice cakes.

Glory BillmanGive us a typical day in your diet (Contest Prep):

It will be similar to off season but all my veggies are green, I cut back the fruit and dairy except occasional grapefruit, and try to keep my carbs before 6pm unless I’m training late.

  • Meal 1: Egg whites and 1 whole egg and oatmeal topped with flaxseed and cinnamon.
  • Meal 2: Ground turkey or tilapia, green veggies, and sweet potato.
  • Meal 3: Chicken over spinach salad with flax seed oil and brown rice.
  • Meal 4: Tilapia and steamed green veggies.
  • Meal 5: Egg whites and spinach.
  • On training days I also get Pre workout: whey shake.
  • Post Workout: Whey shake, honey and rice cakes.

What are your favorite meals and foods?

My favorite meal is breakfast! I love my oatmeal and experimenting with different toppings and flavors! Peanut butter is one food I could not live without.

Favorite cheat food?

My weakness is that I have a huge sweet tooth! If I cheat its usually a cupcake or anything with chocolate and peanut butter:)

Any other info you want to add about diet & nutrition?

I believe whole foods are the best foods for the body to function optimally. All of my supplements except for my BCAAs are all natural and free of artificial sweeteners.


What supplement(s) do you use that give you great results? How do you use them?

  1. Whey Isolate - I take 1 scoop mixed with water pre and post workout. It provides the nutrients necessary for fast muscle repair and helps maintain a lean physique.
  2. BCAAs - I like to sip on Scivation Xtend before and after my workouts. I have had much faster recovery since I have added this to my supplements.
  3. Multivitamin - I use a raw, whole food multivitamin once a day for overall health, immune, and digestive function.

Advice For Others

Glory BillmanWhat are the 3 best tips you'd give to women thinking about competing in Figure?

  1. Be patient. Creating your perfect physique does not happen over night. It takes hard work and consistency as well  learning what works best for you.
  2. Body follows mind. To achieve your goals you must believe you are already there! Positive thinking is a strong tool!
  3. Surround yourself with friends and family who encourage and support you! And don’t forget to thank them on contest day:)

What’s your best tip for looking your best on competition day?

Practice your posing and stage walk! It is so important to be able to show off your physique and all your hard work the right way.

Future Plans

What shows have you got coming up, where can we see you compete?

In the spring of 2012 I will do my first pro show at the WNBF Natural North American in Virginia.

What would you like to achieve in your Figure career?

Achieving my pro card this year has opened new doors for me. I wish to continue making improvements to my physique and place high as a pro so that I can compete at WNBF World Championship in 2012. I would like to help other women increase their strength and confidence by helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. I am also hoping to begin a fitness modeling career as well as get other aspiring competitors ready for stage!

Favorite Competitors/Idols

Who are your favorite figure competitors and idols?

I love watching big competitors on stage like Nicole Wilkins, Angela Mraz, and Erin Stern. My idol  however are my very close friends and fellow competitors, Cheryl Davis and posing coach Tina Peratino with Center Stage Figures. They have both been incredibly inspirational and influential in my life.

How Can People Contact You?

They can email me at [email protected].

Glory Billman

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Posted Sun, 10/02/2011 - 17:28
frank harris

I see more success in the future for you. What an amazing job. This is only your first year and your making a statment. Keep up the good work.

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Posted Tue, 09/20/2011 - 12:01
allan aduma

Wauuuuu!i admire you gal,keep it up "nice"!

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Posted Sun, 09/18/2011 - 00:35

Great photos .... your gorgeous

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Posted Sat, 09/17/2011 - 14:31
nicole markatos

Hi Glory, I was just looking through this website and saw you!!! You have done such an amazing job in reaching your personal and professional goals, Keep up the hard work , you will go far.
Best to you, Nicole