Muscle Gauge Nutrition is a line of bodybuilding, fat loss & fitness supplements designed to make the highest quality ingredients available to everyone at a price you can afford.

Muscle Gauge Nutrition is a new line of bodybuilding, fat loss and fitness supplements designed to make the highest quality ingredients available to everyone at a price that won't send you broke! The team at Muscle Gauge have over 70 years combined experience in sports nutrition industry and have the knowledge to develop products that can help you reach your health, fitness and appearance goals.

Whether you are looking to build muscle mass and strength, lose fat, get fit, or improve your health, Muscle Gauge Nutrition products are for you. We feel it is our matchless quality standard that allows MGN to shine...

When you buy a Muscle Gauge Nutrition product, quality is 100% assured. Every product is taste tested in our laboratory, and approved by a taste-test panel before being sold. Whether the product line has been designed specifically for a patient, an athlete, a bodybuilder, or woman, the same rigorous standards applies. We use only the highest quality ingredients and only the purest of products are acceptable.

Muscle Gauge Nutrition


As an advocate and leader of active lifestyles, Muscle Gauge Nutrition believes that every consumer should be able to purchase reasonably priced premium products. We have established contracts with qualified raw material suppliers to reduce our costs in order to provide you the most competitively priced sports nutrition supplements in the industry. We are more concerned about affordability and product quality as opposed to the glitz and glamour of marketing ploys. For this reason, we don't pay tons for fancy holographic labels and custom colored packaging so that we can pass the savings on to the consumer. In this economy we know that people are making smarter purchasing decisions and Muscle Gauge Nutrition provides the solution to enable everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the most affordable price.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on customer loyalty due to our ability to create the best tasting nutritional supplements that provide proven results again and again. At Muscle Gauge, we are always striving to improve our products and practices. We listen to our customer feedback and proactively seek to redress issues. Our customers make us who we are today because we always find a way to meet your needs. We always have teams and individuals who can respond quickly to change circumstances, whatever they are.

Muscle Gauge Nutrition

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