FitMiss™ is the new and innovative brand of fitness supplements that are formulated and designed specifically for women! Check out articles, recipes and workouts from FitMiss™ athletes.

FitMiss™ is the new and innovative brand of fitness supplements that are formulated and designed specifically for women! No more buying men's products just to wonder "Did I take too much?" or, "If this is for guys, then it must not be made for me.". Well now there is a full line of products, that fit your active lifestyle, and that are specifically designed all women who are striving to become a more fit and healthy FitMiss!

FitMiss = Empowerment!

Ever wish you could just find some easy to follow recipes, workouts and inspiration to help you on your way to becoming the you that you know you can be? Well keep up with our postings on Muscle & Strengh. You'll get guidance from professional personal trainers and fitness guru's who know what it's like to be a busy woman trying to stay active and eat right!

Team FitMiss's Content

3 Fun, Fit, Fall Time Fitmiss Recipes
Enjoy all of the fall flavors with this batch of delicious Fitmiss Recipes which includes Pumpkin Spice Shakes, BCAA Gummies, & Protein Chocolate Pudding!
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4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track While Traveling
Don't let all that hard work go to waste while on vacation. Check out these 4 tips and stay on track while actually enjoying your well-deserved vacation!
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Fit Mom Fat Loss Jump Start
Whether it's a new baby or just the New Year, get BeyondFit Mom’s FITMOM Jump Start Workout & Diet Plan to get rid of fat and get your body back!
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5 Intense Workouts To Develop Your Entire Body
The experts at Team FitMiss have created 5 custom workouts to develop your total body. You'll burn fat and build muscle with these high intensity workouts!
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Kickbox Your Way To Fit With Francisca Dennis
Mix things up a few times a week by putting on the mitts and incorporating some fun kickboxing to relieve some stress and burn a ton of calories at the same time!
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Well-Girl's Recipes For Guilt Free Protein Treats
Angelica from Well-Girl shows you how to make delicious high protein/low calorie versions of traditional waist expanding foods!
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Stroller Workout: 3 Exercises For Busy Moms
Being a new mom means your free time is limited. Kate Horney from BeyondFitMom shares 3 exercises you can do with your baby. All you need is a stroller!
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Jessie Delgado demonstrates a glute exercise at a cable station
Stuck in a workout rut? Check out these routines from @jessiebabyfit that will inspire you to get moving at home, at the gym, and even at the beach!
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Blueberry Mug Cake With FitMiss Vanilla Chai
Have a sweet tooth? Try this high protein, high fiber, low fat healthy dessert recipe by Team FitMiss. Takes only minutes to make in the microwave and tastes great.
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FitMiss Vanilla Chai Protein Muffins
Perfect as a snack, this amazingly tasty high protein, low fat and carb friendly vanilla chai muffin from FitMiss has less than 80 calories per serving.
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