4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track While Traveling

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July 29th, 2016
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track While Traveling
Don't let all that hard work go to waste while on vacation. Check out these 4 tips and stay on track while actually enjoying your well-deserved vacation!

It’s finally here. You made it. You’ve X’d out every day on your calendar leading up to your vacation.

It's time to break from your routine and live worry-free for the next four days.

Problem? No problem. Calories and consistency are irrelevant when you're away from home – right?


Getting back on track after a vacation can be difficult, and jeopardize all of your hard work.  While indulging every once in a while is ok, if you look great and feel great, there is no need to stop your routine, even while on vacation.

Lucky for you, FitMiss ambassadors Shannon, Lindsey, and Bunny have teamed up to provide you with a few tips for staying on track during your summer vacation.

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1.  Prepare to snack healthy!

Shannon is sure to bring an ample supply of healthier snack items that do not need to be refrigerated like protein bars, baggies of pre-measured protein power, mixed nuts, and nut butter.  Researching the vacation area to find a nearby grocery store is also an essential step.


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Packing healthy snacks & drinking plenty of water on vacation is key for Bunny while on vacation. Staying hydrated not only keeps hunger at bay but, helps with water retention caused by plane rides.

FitMiss Ambassador, Lindsey relies on healthy snacks to keep her blood sugar up throughout the day. Letting yourself fall behind on eating can lead to overeating or hasty decisions about food and drink that you may regret later. If you have a protein shake or a bar on hand, you'll help yourself avoid that drive-thru when you start to feel drowsy.

If you've got big lunch plans with friends, finish a shake before you go so when you arrive you're not as desperate for food or stuck with not-so-great options. Plus, you'll save money by ordering smaller portions!

2. Be cognizant of your meal choices!

Your ability to hold yourself accountable at home is on point and it took a lot of work to get there. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean that ability is lacking, you may just need to take a few extra steps to stay on track.

Lindsey recommends discussing your goals with someone else. She finds that she makes better choices that support her long-term success when she vocalizes her goals to others. For instance, when a friend asks you what you've been up to, tell them about the new diet you're trying and how you like it, or how you've worked to eliminate certain foods.

That way, the next time you're choosing to eat around them, you're more likely to receive support than criticism. You'll also be more prone to make healthy choices if you know that other people are watching. Who knows? You may even find a friend who's trying to eat better as well to provide you with that extra support.

Lindsey's accountability trickles down to her choices while eating out. A lot of people ask me how I eat without eating out or getting take out when I travel. The answer is that I don’t actually avoid eating out… I just pay attention to what I order.

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A lot of restaurants have options like adding grilled meat, whole wheat alternatives or a section of the menu that's titled, "low calorie" or "healthy alternatives" or something of that nature. Some fast-food restaurants offer side substitutions like apples instead of fries or a side salad instead of chips.

You can always get a grilled chicken sandwich and take it off of the bun or get a salad and add chicken and olive oil instead of a fatty dressing.


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Bunny recommends sticking to the 'one a day' rule. It's important to remember that you're also on vacation to enjoy yourself and to unwind! Feeling deprived when you're on vacation defeats the purpose of going in the first place. Try to aim for one meal each day as a 'treat meal'. This gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself while keeping your goals in mind.

Another tip to keep in mind is to avoid high-calorie drinks! There are plenty of alternatives without all the extra sugars and syrup that will only leave you feeling beached and bloated. Choosing to avoid these will give you more freedom and peace of mind while enjoying your treat meals.

3. Stay active!

Lindsey finds that the further along the day gets, the less likely she is to workout. Between making last minute plans and the agenda of traveling, by the time she's heading back to the hotel and the day is ending, the last thing she wants to do is skip a happy hour or sight-seeing to go workout.

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That’s why she always recommends that you make the effort to get your exercising done as soon as you wake up. Research shows that when you exercise in the morning, you’ll make healthier decisions all day long.

Shannon usually does some research on where she's staying.  Most hotels have gyms, some may be tiny but they usually at least have the basics.  If the hotel doesn't have a gym, usually you can find one in the surrounding area with a $10-$20 entry fee. Sometimes she has to get creative with her exercises during travel when the right equipment is not readily available.

However she says, “It’s actually nice to switch it up from my regular routine, and during these workouts I like to focus on getting my heart rate up and breaking a good sweat, which you can do in a pretty short amount of time.” Without access to any equipment, you can always do outdoor workouts with sprints, lunges, squat jumps, burpees, ice skaters, mountain climbers, planks, crunches, etc.


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Bunny understands that making it to the gym every day on vacation may not be realistic for everyone. However, walks on the beach and planned excursions are a good way to in exercise while utilizing your time on vacation.

4. Bring your regular supplements!

Bunny isn't afraid to bring all of her usual supplements along with her. “I pack mine in a daily medicine dispenser and it stays right beside the coffee pot so I don't forget to take them. I also add a fat burner to my supplement stack when on vacation. It helps keep the cravings at bay.”

Overall, it's important to remember that vacation is an opportunity for you to unwind and reset while away from your daily grind and routines. Lindsey reminds us that it's just as important to enjoy time with the people you care about as it is to stay on track.

Recognize that a few treats here and there or a day missed at the gym is not the end of the world but another part of the journey to build a wholesome, balanced, healthy life.

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Enjoy your vacation this summer!

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