The Savage 4x4: Strength/Hypertrophy Hybrid Workout

This powerbuilding routine may just turn your life around, and unleash something beastly! Workouts cycle between hypertrophy training and strength training.

It’s time to get insane! Your current workout is boring, and you’re hungry for a change.  You want something that isn’t the same old, same old grind? Well, here you go brothers and sisters of iron. Lock and load, it’s time to rock.

The Savage 4x4 is a strength and hypertrophy workout system. You will get strong and big. It will turn weak hardgainers into powerful, muscle gaining machines.

And no, this isn’t hype. This program works.

Savage 4x4 Core Principles

Savage 4x4 Strength Hypertrophy WorkoutTo gain strength and muscle on the Savage 4x4, here are the core principles that MUST be followed:

More Reps!

You must, must, must push for more reps on every set. You must live and breathe extra reps. The desire for extra reps should consume your life. You should become a single-minded, extra-rep zombie. You must always train for more, more, more reps!

More Food!

So you’re a hardgainer, huh? Time to talk about food then. Bud, if you’re not making gains, you need to eat more. If you’ve been shoveling 4,000 calories per day into your gullet, and you not gaining weight – eat 4,500 calories each day. And, if that doesn’t work, try 5,000 per day. Do you get the picture?

This is no time for excuses.

If you have a hard time eating that many calories, buy a weight gaining supplement, and go gonzo in the supermarket. Purchase healthy, high calorie foods like whole milk, and nuts and seeds. And start shoveling that fork. Scoop, insert, repeat!

More Savage!

The Savage 4x4 is much more then a workout. It’s a take no prisoners lifestyle. You need to get savage; you need to feel completely drunk on the desire to get strong and big. You need to alert your girlfriend, employer and mother. Put them on notice that things are going to change. It’s time to become a beast; a creature that lives for food and training. Get Savage!

Motivated yet? I thought so! Let’s get moving.

Savage Nuts and Bolts

Here’s how it works…the Savage 4x4 is made up of 4 workouts per week: Back, Chest, Legs and Shoulders. On each of these days, you will alternate between 2 workouts: the Savage 4x4 strength workout, and the hypertrophy workout. Here is how each workout breaks down:

Savage 4x4 Strength Workout.

On this day, you will be performing 4 sets of each major exercise. The goal is to perform MORE then 3 reps on ALL sets. When you can do that, (hitting 4 or more reps on all 4 sets) you will add 5 pounds to the bar the next time you work the same exercises in the Savage 4x4 style.

So, let’s say two weeks ago, your Savage 4x4 bench press looked like:

And today, you hammered out the following:

Because you hit a minimum of 4 reps on every Savage set, you will use 215 pounds on the bench press the next time you hit the gym and get savage.

You will also be performing rep work on Savage 4x4 days. Rep work consists of 3 sets by 6 reps for non-major exercises. When you can perform a minimum of 6 reps for these exercises, go up in weight on your next rep work workout day.

Savage 4x4 Workout is Intense

Hypertrophy Workout.

Though you will be pushing for more weight on hypertrophy days, the approach is much different. A hypertrophy day set will have you performing 4 sets of each exercise, but with slow, 4 second negatives, and only 30 seconds of rest between sets.

Sets will be mentally tough, intense, and gut-busting. You may just cry out for your momma to help you. The intensity of hypertrophy days will create strength endurance, forcing muscles to strain for a longer time under tension (TUT).

On hypertrophy days, you goal is to hit a minimum of 6 reps for all 4 sets. This will be insanely tough, and picking the right starting weight is paramount. You will not be able to use heavy weights on these days. I recommend starting with 60% of your one rep max. You may have to tweak this weight, depending on how well your body “enjoys” hypertrophy day.

So, to recap, on hypertrophy days you will:

  • Perform 4 sets of each exercise
  • Every rep will be performed with a slow, 4 second controlled negative
  • Rest 30 seconds between each set of the same exercise (rest-pause)
  • Rest 3-5 minutes between different exercises
  • When you can perform a minimum of 6 reps for all four sets, increase the weight for that exercise by 5 pounds

Savage Split

You will be working out 4 days a week, alternative each workout between the Savage 4x4, and the hypertrophy workout. It will take 2 weeks to complete a full savage cycle of 4x4 strength and hypertrophy. Here is the split:

Day 1: Back – Savage 4x4

Day 2: OFF

Day 3: Chest - Hypertrophy

Day 4: OFF

Day 5: Legs – Savage 4x4

Day 6: Shoulders – Hypertrophy

Day 7: OFF

Day 8: Back - Hypertrophy

Day 9: OFF

Day 10: Chest – Savage 4x4

Day 11: OFF

Day 12: Legs – Hypertrophy

Day 13: Shoulders – Savage 4x4

Day 14: Off 

Notes on the Savage 4x4

When possible, don’t train to positive failure. If failure occasionally occurs, don’t sweat it. You can continue this cycle as long as you’d like. It’s best to keep pushing forward as long as something is working. So if the Savage 4x4 if working for you, keep plugging forward.

There are no miracle routines. With that said, the Savage 4x4 is one heck of a ball-busting, mass-inducing workout. If you work it, it will work for you. And don’t forget to eat!