[Video] 4 Exercises to Help Build a Classic Physique w/ George Peterson III

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September 19th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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2019 Arnold Classic Classic Division Champion, George "Da Bull" Peterson, shares with us 4 of his favorite exercises he uses to build a classic physique.

Classic physique is becoming the fastest growing division in men’s bodybuilding.

And with so many athletes joining the division, we thought it was crucial to put out a video outlining the best exercises one can do to help them build a classic physique.

So, when we collaborated with reigning Arnold Classic Classic Physique Champion and Redcon1 athlete, George Peterson, we made sure to get his thoughts on the topic.

The following exercises are 4 of George’s favorites that he personally uses to build a classic physique.

1. Rotating Incline Dumbbell Press

One of the key things to having a classic physique is having large upper pecs. The more shelf-like during your side chest poses, the better.

To achieve this look, George likes to utilize an incline dumbbell bench press with a twist at the top. The twist at the top helps you contract the pecs more than you would with a traditional incline press.

He recommends kicking the dumbbells up in the same way you would with the incline dumbbell press. Once you have the weights up overhead, lower them slowly and then press back up twisting the wrists as you get to the top of the rep.

2. Machine Lateral Raise

George’s next recommendation to building a classic physique is building wider deltoids. To do this, he performs side lateral raises. You could do this exercise with dumbbells, cables, or a seated machine like him.

Performing the exercise seated makes it more of a strict motion. You’ll have a much harder time cheating your reps seated than you would if you were standing.

Perform each rep controlling the eccentric portion of the rep and exploding during the concentric portion. This exercise is excellent for those of you looking to hit your delts.

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3. Bench Crunch

Having a classic physique means having a tight core and narrow waistline. To accomplish this, George utilizes the bench crunch.

The bench crunch is a great abdominal exercise because you target the lower and upper abdominals utilizing one movement. It’s also a very convenient exercise since you can perform it essentially anywhere.

Having a strong core invites eyeballs to your physique on stage. You capture the attention of judges with your midsection and then their eyes will branch outwards to the rest of your physique.

4. Spider Curl

One common characteristic of the classic physique is having biceps that peak.

To work on his own bicep peaks, George likes to do spider curls. To do them, he likes to utilize the preacher curl machine and sets up opposite of how you would to perform a preacher curl.