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Train like your favorite Celebs with our database of free, celebrity-inspired workouts program. The workouts are created by fitness experts and come with a free downloadable PDF you can reference when training.

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Branch Warren's Leg Workout
Top Olympian and Team Gaspari member Branch Warren has some of the biggest wheels to ever hit a bodybuilding stage. This feature takes an inside look at his high impact leg workout.
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Jai Courtney Workout: How Jai Got Swole for Terminator: Genisys
Are you ripped enough to fight for humanity? Follow this 6 week program based on Jai Courtney's training principles to get shredded like Kyle Reese!
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Bodybuilding Icons: Reg Park Inspired Workouts
Reg Park revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding. Learn who Reg Park was, how he impacted bodybuilding, and what the workouts he wrote looked like!
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Build A James Bond Body
How would a spy like James Bond stay at his peak? This workout provides you with the specifics to look great and have the athleticism to match.
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The Daisy Ridley Last Jedi Inspired Workout Program
This Daisy Ridley Last Jedi Workout Program was designed based on Daisy's training videos to help people of this galaxy reach their greatest potential.
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Total Body Sabotage: Blast Plateaus, Get Big & Strong, Fast!
So you're big and lean...but can you back it up and get the job done? This program will help you look good and provide you with the power & performance to kick butt.
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Captain America: Build A Winter Soldier Physique
Build real-world strength, speed and dexterity with this "super workout." Use the virtues of honesty, bravery, humility, conviction and authority to reach your goals.
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