Physique Champion Ryan Terry's Total Ab Workout

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April 24th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this video Ryan Takes us through his FULL ab routine used to win the 2017 Arnold Classic! Check it out, try it out, and let us know what you think!

Just days after winning the 2017 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique competition, Ryan dropped by the M&S Headquarters to share some of his training and nutrition techniques.

In this video, Ryan takes us through a typical ab workout that he does both during prep and in the offseason.

This workout has helped shape Ryan’s pro level abs, one of the body parts he is most known for.

Check out the video, review the workout table, and let us know your thoughts if you try it out!

Exercise 1: Hanging Leg Raise

The first exercise Ryan always starts his ab workouts with is the hanging leg raise. He shoots for 3-4 working sets and takes each set to failure.

This exercise is among Ryan’s favorites because to prevent swinging, you really have to engage your entire core.

Exercises 2 & 3: Ab Crunch Machine Superset with Cable Wood Chop

Next up for Ryan is a superset that incorporates the weighted ab crunch machine with a cable wood chop rotation.

This supersets starts off by targeting the upper to mid abdominals and finishes off by hitting the obliques.

The key to the cable wood chop is focusing less on moving heavy weight and more on getting a good contraction with the exercise.

For reps, Ryan aims to do 2-3 working sets of 10-15 reps (12-15 reps for the wood chop) on each exercise during this superset.

Exercises 4 & 5: Seated Knee Raise Superset with Dumbbell Oblique Twist

The next superset Ryan performs is one that includes a seated knee raise and dumbbell oblique twist.

Again, with these movements, especially the dumbbell oblique twist, it’s not about moving heavy weight. In fact, Ryan himself focuses on selecting lighter weight for this exercise and focusing on the contraction of his muscles and the tempo of his breathing.

Exercise 6 & 7: Plank Variation Supersets

For Ryan’s final superset he performs both normal planks and side planks. He aims to hold a perfect plank position for 1 min on each side.

To make planks more difficult, you can always add more time to each set or have a partner position weight on your back.

Ryan repeats this superset for 3 sets.

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Hanging Leg Raise 3-4 Failure
2a. Ab Crunch Machine 2-3 10-15
2b. Cable Wood Chop 2-3 12-15 (each side)
3a. Seated Knee Raise 2-3 10-15
3b. Dumbbell Oblique Twist 2-3 12-15 (each side)
4a. Plank 3 60 seconds
4b. Side Plank 3 60 seconds (each side)
Posted on: Thu, 01/24/2019 - 10:47

How many times a week should you do this routine?

Posted on: Mon, 01/14/2019 - 12:38

These are all great ab workouts. The problem as I see it is pulling a muscle and/or muscles while doing these exercises. The chance is extremely high for most of us to do exactly that. Ryan Terry is in superb physical condition, but even he was out of breath. I feel you would already need to be in great shape and fairly lean and muscular to even begin an advanced ab program like this one.