[Video] Regan Grimes’ High Volume Arm Workout at FlexPlex Gym

We recently flew out to London, Ontario to visit with IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes during his prep to end the year.

Regan was getting stage-ready for the Romania Pro and Tokyo Pro at the time.

During this workout, he was training arms at the gym he own, FlexPlex.

Regan likes to hit his arms with a ton of volume to make them grow.

Check out his workout and watch the video for plenty of tips and coaching cues.

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Regan Grimes Arm Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Single Arm Machine Preacher Curl 4 8-12
Incline Dumbbell Curl* 4 8-12
Rope Tricep Extensions 4 12-15
Overhead Extensions 4 10-15
A1. Close Grip Press 3 12-15
A2. Rope Hammer Curl 3 12-15
Barbell Curls 4 12-15

*Perform 1 set both arms, and 3 sets alternating

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