High Volume V-Taper Back Workout w/ Brandon Hendrickson

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May 10th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this video, IFBB Men's Physique Pro Brandon Hendrickson takes us through the same back workout he uses while prepping to make his V Taper pop on stage.

Two weeks prior to the Arnold Classic, Beast athlete and IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Brandon Hendrickson visited the Muscle & Strength HQ.

While here, he shared with us some of his top training and nutrition tips.

He also showed us exactly how he trains his back to develop the drastic V-taper of his you see on stage.

Give this workout a try for yourself on your next back day!

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Wide Grip Cable Row 4-5 12-15
2. Cable Pullover 3-4 12-15
3. Single Arm Cable Row 3 12-15
4. Standing Overhand Cable Row 3 12-15
5. Standing Underhand Cable Row 3 12-15
6. Lat Pull Down 4-5 8-10

1. Wide Grip Cable Row

The first exercise Brandon performs is the wide grip cable row. When performing this exercise, Brandon really focuses on getting a good stretch on the lats.

He also recommends limiting your range of motion to isolate the lats. If you pull back too far, your traps become too engaged. Instead, pull the bar to your knee and elbow to the body.

Brandon also performs this exercise leaning forward so it resembles more of a lat pull down instead of a row.

2. Cable Pullover

The second exercise Brandon does is the cable pullover. Brandon performs this exercise using a rope to allow for a greater range of motion and deeper contraction on the lats.

When doing this exercise, focus on engaging the lats and pulling the rope down toward your back pockets.

3. Single Arm Cable Row

Next up for Brandon is the single arm cable row. When performing this exercise, you can hold the handle in three different ways – you can keep a neutral grip, use an overhand grip, or use an underhand grip.

For today’s workout, Brandon performs a set using each hand position. When pulling the weight, focus on contracting through the elbow joint instead of your hand. By using this cue, you’ll get your lats more involved as opposed to your biceps.

BCAA Ripped Black

4-5. Standing Overhand/Underhand Cable Row

After finishing up single arm rows, Brandon moves on to another row variation. This variation is the standing cable row. Brandon performs 6 total sets of the exercise, 3 sets using an underhand grip and 3 sets using an overhand grip.

Begin by setting the cable pulley at shoulder height. Take a few steps back and assume a bent over position. Then, row the bar down to your hips driving your elbows back.

The overhand variation will hit the lats right under your armpit, while the underhand variation will target the lower portion of your lats.

6. Lat Pull Down

Brandon wraps up his back workout with the lat pull down. Brandon likes to take a slightly wider than shoulder grip, grabbing the bar at the corners.

When performing these, try to remain upright and keep your elbows forward to engage the lats.

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