[Video] Epic Arm Blasting Workout w/ Steve Kuclo

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March 6th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Team ALLMAX athlete and IFBB Pro, Steve Kuclo, destroys his arms with this high volume arm workout just 4 weeks out from the 2019 Arnold Classic.

Four weeks out from the 2019 Arnold Classic, Team ALLMAX athlete Steve Kuclo stopped by the Muscle & Strength gym to show us how he trains arms.

Steve’s arms are some of the biggest and most defined in the business.

Watch the video to learn his training approach when it comes to building a shredded pair of guns.


Steve Kuclo Arm Workout

Steve’s training consists of 5 sets of 10 reps on every movement he does with just 10 second rest periods in between exercises.

For arms, he selects 3 exercises to perform for both the biceps and triceps.

He begins his workout by training biceps and then moves on to the triceps afterward.

The workout is quickly paced and should have you in and out of the gym fairly quickly – all with a killer arm pump!

Exercise Sets Reps
EZ Bar Curl 5 10
Hammer Spider Curl 5 10
Standing Cable Curl 5 10
Cable Tricep Pushdown 5 10
Close Grip Bench Press 5 10
Cable Crossover Tricep Pushdown 5 10

Give Steve’s arm workout a shot for yourself on your next arm day!