Cedric McMillan's Full Back Workout at the M&S HQ Gym

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July 25th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this video, Cedric performs his complete back workout and breaks down how & why he feels his back has become one of his strongest attributes on stage.

Ever wondered what an Arnold Classic Champion’s back day looks like?

Look no further!

In this video, Scitec athlete Cedric McMillan takes us through one of his intense back workouts.

1. Smith Machine Barbell Row

Cedric begins his back workout by doing Smith machine barbell rows. Whenever training back, Cedric always makes sure to include some sort of bent over row.

He prefers to do them on the Smith machine because he feels it allows him to slow down the rep and focus on squeezing the contractions.

Cedric also likes to slow down the rep tempo to trick the body into thinking the weight is a lot heavier than it actually is.

After performing his last working set, Cedric finishes this exercise with two drop sets.

2. Lat Pulldowns

Next up for Cedric is lat pull downs. Again, Cedric slows down his rep tempo to maximize the time under tension of the back muscles.

Cedric stresses the importance of simply stimulating the muscle group he is working. He doesn’t want to completely break down the muscle groups, he only wants to stimulate them into growing bigger.

3. Single Arm Low Cable Row & Single Arm Cable Pullover Superset

After finishing his lat pulldown sets, Cedric remains at the cable station for an intense superset that leaves him gassed and with an awesome pump.

For Cedrics superset, he performs a single arm low cable row followed by a single arm cable pullover. Both exercises allow him to completely isolate his back unilaterally and with a lot of volume.

The end result is Cedric falling to the floor to leave one jacked sweat angel on the ground.

4. Hyperextension

Cedric ends his workout by doing some hyperextensions. He really likes to do this exercise when he’s preparing for a competition.

Cedric states it’s a go-to exercise during prep so that he can work the superficial muscles of the lower back and really bring out that Christmas tree like physique when it’s time to step on stage.

Cedric's Back Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
1. Smith Machine Bent Over Row 5 5 w/ drop sets
2. Lat Pulldowns 4 10-12
3a. Single Arm Cable Row 3 12-15
3b. Single Arm Cable Pullover 3 12-15
4. Hyperextensions 3 10-12