2 Exercises to Build Bigger Bicep Peaks With Victor Martinez

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February 28th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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IFBB Pro Victor Martinez knows a thing or two about building biceps. In this video, Victor shares his two favorite exercises to build biceps that peak.

Building big biceps is a coveted goal of many lifters alike.

So, we teamed up with the seasoned vet and MuscleMed’s athlete Victor Martinez to bring you 2 exercises to do to build bigger bicep peaks.

Exercise 1: Hanging Dumbbell Curl

Most people focus on building bicep mass, but the peak is what actually gives the bicep its aesthetic appeal. The first exercise Victor recommends is the leaning dumbbell curl.

Grab a dumbbell and head over to a bar/machine that’s sturdy enough to hold your weight. Grab a firm hold on the machine and lean. The lean creates an angle that increases your biceps range of motion.

Curl the weight, bringing the pinky finger as high as you can. Lower the weight, but don’t fully extend. You want to keep constant tension on the bicep.

Exercise 2: Reverse Preacher Curl

The next exercise Victor uses to build biceps that peak is the reverse preacher curl. Hang your arm over the opposite end of the preacher curl set up that you normally would.

Curl the weight utilizing the same range of motion you did for the hanging dumbbell curl, raising your pinky as high as you can, but not full extending at the bottom of the exercise.

The preacher machine restricts you from swinging the weight, giving you a more focused load on the bicep.

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