[Video] Branch Warren’s Back Workout at MetroFlex Gym

In this video, we tag along with GASP athlete, Branch Warren, as he takes us through one of his typical back workouts at MetroFlex Gym.

Even though he’s retired, Branch still trains with that same high level of intensity he was known for throughout his professional career.

Check out the video and the workout below, and give Branch’s back workout a try the next time you train back.

GASP Training Belt

Branch Warren’s Back Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Shrugs 3-4 15
Machine T-bar Row 4 3x12, 1x20
One Arm Rows 4 12 Each
Cable Rows 3 20
Incline Pull Downs 3-4 12
Machine Rows 3 10
Lat Pull Downs 3 15

*Perform a double drop set on the final set

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