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A Complete Guide to Using TRX Suspension Training
The TRX Is a unique muscle building tool that is underutilized due to a lot of people not really knowing how to use it. Learn the basics with this article.
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Get Your Logs Rolling - Why You Need A Training Log!
Logging your training, diet and supplements is a great way to move from amateur to advanced lifter. Stop guessing, and start growing.
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Smart Training: Don't Break Your Body Trying to Build It
Train smart and use mechanical tension, metabolic stress, muscle damage, or a combination of the three. This article shows you how & why to train smart!
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Man in black shorts and black tank top doing lateral lunges.
Think you can't have a great leg day from home with just your bodyweight? Think again! Check out these 9 underrated leg exercises that require no equipment.
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4 Big Reasons Why You're Still Small And Weak
Want to know why your results still suck? Start gaining muscle mass and strength as quickly as possible with these four workout training tips.
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How to Build a Bigger Back Using Chin Ups
Chin ups are an old school and basic bodyweight back exercise. But it's a classic. Learn how you can utilize this foundational exercise to build a bigger back.
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Man doing leg press in gym setting.
You don’t get bigger or stronger by only lifting weights. Learn the importance of effective training stimuli and great recovery in achieving exceptional results.
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Man doing barbell back squat in gym.
Think training to failure is necessary for gains? Think again. Train with technical proficiency at percentages of your 1 rep max and you'll see far greater results.
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How Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups Can Help Your Bench Press
Stuck in a bench press rut? Beef up this bro-favorite exercise by focusing on heavy chin ups and pull ups.
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Bodyweight Exercises For Size And Strength
Side aside the dumbbells, barbells and machines and build size and strength using this bodyweight workout created by strength coach Mike Mahler.
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15 Min Quick Ab Circuit for Shredded 6 Pack Abs w/ Gerardo Gabriel
In this video, Men's Physique Pro & Nutrex athlete Gerardo Gabriel takes us through his quick 15 min ab circuit that helped him build his shredded 6 pack.
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Squatting: 3 Things You've Been Doing Wrong All Along
Think you know everything about the squat? Turns out knees out, chest up, and sit back aren't always the best options.
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Peri-Workout Supplements: Complete Pre, Intra & Post-Workout Guide
With so many workout supplement choices where do you start? This guide takes a complete look at supplement ingredients, and includes recommendations and timing.
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Olympian Shoulder Workout with Brandon Hendrickson
2018 Men's Physique Olympian Winner, Brandon Hendrickson, trains shoulders at the Muscle & Strength HQ. Give his workout a shot on your next shoulder day!
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Ask Joe The Pro Vol. 5 - Non-Linear Periodization
Natural bodybuilder Joe "the pro" Ohrablo explains non-linear periodization, and talks about the American Muscle TV show and Mike Mentzer.
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5 Tips to Ensure Rapid and Sustainable Progress
You want results and you want them fast, right? These 5 tips on achieving rapid and sustainable progress will help you do just that. Check them out!
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Kris Gethin’s Brutal Giant Set Shoulder Workout
Check out Kris Gethin's intense shoulder giant set routine and give it a shot during your next shoulder workout. Your future pump & gains won't regret it!
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How To Increase Your Deadlift Max With Specialized Grip Training
Strength coach Karsten Jensen details 3 exercises that will allow you to rapidly increase your deadlift grip strength.
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 Aesthetic Training Tips | How to Build a Shredded Chest
In this video, MuscleTech athlete and IFBB Classic Pro Santi Aragon shows you some tips on how to build an aesthetic and shredded chest. Give these a shot!
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Training On The Go - Anton Antipov's Hotel Gym Workout Circuit
Can you train while traveling? Check out how Nutrex Athlete Anton Antipov trains with minimal equipment at his hotel gym while visiting Muscle & Strength!
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4 Glute Exercises to Build a Strong & Sexy Booty
From Instagram to magazines, these days it's all about the butt. Dr. John Rusin shares 4 new-to-you exercises that will help you build strong, sexy glutes.
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[Video] Fouad Abiad's Big Arm Day Workout
Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, takes us through his full arm superset workout. Give this workout a try on your next arm day for a pump like no other.
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Achieve Bodybuilding Nirvana Through Instinctive Training
James Chan tells you how to tap into your instinct and train correctly for bodybuilding size and muscularity.
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3 Exercises You Should Start Doing to Improve Your Squat
Trying to improve your squat technique and personal records, but to no avail? If you're not performing these 3 exercises, then you're doing it wrong!
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IFBB Physique Pros Brett Kahn & Chase Savoie's Chest Building Workout
Train your chest like the pros do. Check out IFBB Physique Pros Brett Kahn & Chase Savoie's killer chest and bicep workout at the Muscle & Strength Gym!
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Jay Cutler's Training Tips: Leg Extension Targeting Upper Quads
Jay Cutler shows us how toe position is everything when trying to target the upper quads.
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Split image of a man doing pushups and a female doing kettlebell swings
Improve your metabolism, burn calories, and increase your heart rate with these workouts. Plus you'll be able to improve skills that will help you improve your overall athletic ability.
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Kurt Intro
Kurt's new video series, Animal Instincts, is a complete video guide to natural muscle building and nutrition. And it's all done Animal style!
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5 Rules You Should Break in Your Strength Training
There are a lot of "rules" preached in strength training. Some you should follow, some you should break. Find out which ones you should break in this article.
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Can't Do Pullups? Try These Progressions
Having trouble conquering your goal of being able to perform pull ups? Have no fear, these three steps will help you build the muscle required to do pull ups.
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4 Strategies for Breaking Through Muscle Building Plateaus
Your beginner gains are a thing of the past, so now what do you do to gain strength and size? Add these plateau-busting strategies to your training today!
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Can You Be Beach Ready Year Round?
Is staying in beach-ready condition year round healthy, realistic and safe? Chris and Eric Martinez asked the experts and detail what they found out in this article.
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Power. Rep Range. Shock. Time to Grow Without Plateau
Bodybuilder Eric Broser explains the power, rep range, shock training system, and provides workout examples.
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Jose "The Boston Mass" Raymond's Mass Building Exercise Recommendations
There's one thing that Jose Raymond knows how to do... build MASS. Check out his top 5 favorite mass building exercises in this video & start doing them!
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The 22 Inch "Bread N' Butter" Arm Workout With Cory Mathews
If you want massive guns, you've got to put in work. If anyone knows how to put in work, it's IFBB pro Cory Mathews. Check out his full arm day workout!
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5 Most Effective Exercises To Build Chest Muscle
Maximize your chest muscle by giving traditional exercises a twist that takes full advantage of their motions, making them twice as effective.
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Kurt Training
Kurt "The Animal" Weidner talks about Day 1 of his 4 day workout split. On day 1, Kurt focuses on his back and shoulders.
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Horseshoe Triceps | 3 Unique Tricep Variations w/ Jason Poston
In this video, Prosupps athlete Jason Poston shows us three unique tricep variations he likes to do when he's looking to build horsehoe defined triceps.
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5 Moves for a Ripped Six-Pack
If you're looking to build a six pack that others will envy this summer, then you need to be including these 5 exercises into your workout routines!
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6 Crucial Exercises For Shoulder Stability
To stay healthy and progress on your upper body lifts, you've got to take care of your shoulders! Add these 6 exercises to your routine to improve shoulder stability.
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Strongman standing outside holding large log
Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski is a world champion and world record holding powerlifter as well as a national caliber bodybuilder. Today Matt talks about using log carrys as part of his workout to increase "GPP".
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Leg Press: How to, Tips, & Tricks w/ Steve Kuclo
IFBB Pro and Team ALLMAX athlete, Steve Kuclo, breaks down the many ways you can utilize the leg press machine in this comprehensive leg press guide video.
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Are You Using These in Your Workouts? If Not, You Should Be!
Ever tried a full body blitz? A post-exhaust drop set? A Haney Shrug? A drag curl? Jim Brewster lays out unique exercises and training approaches.
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Are You Fit? Try David Morin's Fitness Assessment Test
Team Dymatize athlete David Morin has created the ultimate fitness test to see how fit you really are. Give it a try and let us know where you stand!
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2 Unique Ab Exercises You Probably Haven’t Done Before
Tightening your core & revealing your 6 pack can be a difficult task. Make things easier for yourself with these two movements that engage the entire core!
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Complete Guide To Supramaximal Interval Training (S.M.I.T.)
Learn the difference between two highly-effective interval training methods, get answers to some FAQs, and set-up your own interval training program.
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Lean man and woman doing a plank
Know the lingo before you hit the weight room. These definitions could help you learn how to maximize your effort in the gym.
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Kurt Weighted Dip
Kurt "The Animal" Weidner talks about Day 3 of his 4 day workout split. On day 3, Kurt focuses on chest and arms.
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5 Reasons to Stop Performing Combo-Exercises
You might think you're getting more work in & in less time by performing combo exercises, but you'd be wrong. Learn how these moves are limiting your gains.
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How to Increase Your PRs with Explosive Warm Ups
If you're looking for a surefire way to increase your personal records on the big 3 lifts, these 9 explosive warm ups are exactly what you need to be doing.
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