Huge Attitude: Insights On Life With IFBB Pro Jason Huh

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May 27th, 2015
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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IFBB Pro & Animal-Sponsored Lifter Jason Huh
Get a personal look into IFBB Pro Jason Huh's life growing up, and his insight on the many important aspects of life that have helped him throughout his bodybuilding career.

IFBB Pro and Animal Athlete Jason Huh discusses many different topics that he holds with high regard. His family, friends, lifestyle and mental health are all what has shaped Jason into the man that he is today. Throughout the video he gives insight on these different aspects of life, the way that he sees it.


Jason's grew up under a household with a mother who was a classical ballerina and a father who was an elite professional bodybuilder in South Korea. The dedication that he saw them put into their professions, translated over into how he was raised.

From day one, his parents taught him the importance of having a strong work ethic and high character. Jason's father's mentality was to keep your head down, and pay your dues throughout life.

As Jason explains in the video, growing up in that environment was great for him because it taught him the importance of hard work and dedication, the two things required in life in order to do great things.

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One of Jason's mentors early on in his career was the late Art Atwood. When Jason first met him, Art instructed him to come back once he had put on more muscle and was serious about bodybuilding.

After a few years of hard training, Art let Jason know that he was more than willing to help guide him to achieving his pro card.

Unfortunately, after 4 years of working with Art he passed away on 09/11/11 from heart failure at 37 years old. This impacted Jason so much that he had to step away from bodybuilding for a little while, to reflect on how he could take care of his body so that he didn't have similar problems.

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When living the bodybuilding lifestyle, Jason emphasizes the importance of taking all of the precautions that you can: eat as healthy as possible and try to constantly maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"In this sport, it's a not a sprint, it's a marathon. To ensure you have longevity, pace yourself and make sure that all of your actions and advice that you take from others is accurate. More often than not, "90% of the advice out there and the things that you may read are complete bullsh*t", says Jason.


The most important aspect of life according to Jason is however, mental health. Often time so many are so concerned with looking physically healthy, but if you are mentally healthy, all else will fall in place.

The amount of time you spend on bodybuilding, work, family, and lifestyle all circles back to your mental health. One of the biggest problems in the industry that Jason sees is that everyone appears physically healthy, but not mentally.

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