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For over 30 years, Animal has been making hardcore training supplements for dedicated lifters. Their team of athletes include some of the best bodybuilders and powerlifters in the world.

Since 1983, Animal has been committed to developing and distributing nutritional supplements designed to power the most dedicated bodybuilders and strength athletes on Planet Earth. Born of humble New Jersey roots, Animal and its line of products embody the working-class values of their home, placing an emphasis on honesty, consistency and good old-fashioned hard work.

Staying true to this commitment and living by the core standards upon which the company was built more than three decades ago has helped Animal carve out a space in the hearts, minds and imaginations of hardcore bodybuilders and powerlifters the world over. But an uncommon dedication to their loyal consumer family goes far beyond delivering standout products like Animal Pak and Animal Whey.

Taking a holistic approach to supporting serious lifters of all levels and backgrounds, Animal seeks not only to nourish their muscles, but their minds. From the voluminous archives of articles on to the library of quality video programming on YouTube (, featuring world class powerlifters and pro bodybuilders, Animal seeks to educate, motivate and inspire.

Whether with the written word or moving image, or its comprehensive line of no-nonsense supplements, Animal takes great pride in giving its legion the tools they need to thrive on their journey.

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The Evolving Push Day Workout w/ John Jewett
Spice up your push day by performing this perfectly crafted push workout routine designed by John Jewett. This routine hits the shoulders, chest, & triceps.
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Nutrition Basics: How to Set Up Macronutrients with John Jewett
When it comes to nutrition, people get way too wrapped up in things that don't really matter. Let's get back to the basics and find out your actual needs!
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Big On The Basics: Bench Press With Powerlifter Garrett "Gunz" Griffin
Powerlifter Garrett "Gunz" Griffin is famous for his big bench. He shares his start-to-finish tips on having your biggest bench ever!
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Roman in the Wild: German Precision in Brazilian Paradise
Bodybuilder Roman Fritz may have been out of his element at open-air Flintstones Gym in Brazil, but that didn't keep him from training hard. Check out his stripped down routine!
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Get Your Bench Right with Jason “HUGE” Huh
Master and maximize your bench press with these crucial tips and pointers from professional powerlifter Jason "Huge" Huh!
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How To Deadlift Tutorial With Pro Dan Green
In this segment of “Big on the Basics”, Animal has brought Dan to you, allowing the aspiring powerlifter to give an in-depth tutorial on proper deadlifting form for both sumo and conventional style.
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Chest Workout With Pro Bodybuilder Roman Fritz
Get an upper-body pump going with IFBB Pro and Animal-Sponsored athlete Roman Fritz's massive chest-building routine, filmed at the world-famous Muscle Beach.
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IFBB Pro & Animal-Sponsored Lifter Jason Huh
Get a personal look into IFBB Pro Jason Huh's life growing up, and his insight on the many important aspects of life that have helped him throughout his bodybuilding career.
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How To Perform The Basic Squat With Perfect Form
Follow these quick tips on form and bar placement, and learn what it takes to execute the perfect squat with Animal-sponsored powerlifter Jay Nera.
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Destroying Arms At Diamond Gym With Roman Fritz
Build monster-sized biceps, massive forearms, and bulging triceps with IFBB Pro and Animal-sponsored Roman Fritz's arm-destroying routine!
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