A Day in the Life of IFBB Pro Jason Poston

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May 10th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Jason Poston, a type 1 diabetic & IFBB Physique Pro, takes Muscle & Strength on a behind the scenes tour of his life. You won't want to miss this!

Muscle & Strength traveled to Dallas and caught up with IFBB Physique Pro and ProSupps athlete Jason Poston.

Jason is fresh off a third place finish at the 2016 Arnold Classic and we tagged along to live out a day in his shoes.

A humble figure within the industry, Jason makes the best of his day from sunrise to sunset.

For those who may not know, Jason is a type 1 diabetic. Every morning, the first thing Jason does is check his blood sugar. While most people can jump right into their daily routine, it is important for Jason to tackle this extra chore to ensure his blood sugar is good to go or fix it if need be.

Next, Jason leashes up his American bulldogs, Oak and Ivy, and takes them for a walk. Jason considers his dogs to be like his kids and enjoys the fact that they help take his mind off trying to look a certain way, compete, and be perfect day in and day out.

When Jason gets home, he checks his emails from the 150 clients he has worldwide. Approximately 60 of them are type 1 diabetic. All the while, Jason is biking on a stationary bike. The ultimate form of  multitasking, Jason is working and getting some additional cardio in.

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After the double dose of morning cardio, Jason heads to a local café to refuel. Jason loves food and feels that having balance in your diet, especially in the fitness industry, will help you last a lot longer. It’s all about finding ways to enjoy being on prep.

After brunch, Jason heads to ProSupp’s headquarters. Jason sits down with ProSupps CEO, T.J. Humphreys, to discuss his upcoming competition in Brazil. Jason values having T.J. and the ProSupps team in his corner as a professional support system.

On his last stop, Jason heads to his hometown gym. Doug’s Gym is one of the oldest gyms in America, Jason is greeted by Doug himself and the two reminisce on the history of Doug’s.

Jason’s most important takeaway of his lifestyle? To enjoy everything. Take things one step at a time.

Finally, Jason believes with a passion for fitness, anything in life is attainable.

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