Jason Poston's Giant Set Back Workout Routine

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April 18th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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If you thought your back workout was tough, then you've got to check out IFBB Pro and ProSupps athlete Jason Poston's Giant Set Back Routine!

Muscle & Strength Joins ProSupps Athlete and IFBB Pro Jason Poston in Dallas, Texas.

Jason took us to Doug's Gym, the same gym that helped pave the way on his journey to accomplishing his goals and aspirations.

Doug’s Gym is also one of the oldest gyms in the United States.

On this scorching Texas day, Jason is training back utilizing a giant, tri, and superset method.

1st Giant Set

The first giant set of Jason's workout includes three rounds of three different lifts. At 10 reps a piece, this initial giant set totals 90 repetitions.

This giant set uses one of Jason’s favorite philosophies, “Row to Grow”.  The set is composed of machine t-bar rows, chest supported t-bar rows, and bent over barbell rows.

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Every workout Jason uses is different. He emphasizes that it is important to have a structured workout, but you still need to keep things interesting. By doing something new every time, your muscles will continue to grow and your workouts will continue to be entertaining. The combination will have you leaving the gym sore every time.

On barbell rows, Jason strips some of the weight off after a few sets. There is no shame in dropping the weight to ensure you use proper form every time.

Jason also recommends that you stick to the basics when building muscle by incorporating the foundational movements bodybuilders have utilized for decades.

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2nd Giant set

The second giant set of Jason's workout has four rounds with four different exercises and 160 total reps. The set is designed with pullups, close grips pulldowns, reverse grip pulldowns, and standing cable rows. 

Jason notes the importance of rest periods In between sets by stating to take a 1-2 minute break after each giant set. If you’re a hard gainer, you can even stretch the rest period to 4 minutes.

On the reverse grip pulldowns, Jason utilizes a wider grip to counter the close grip pulldown and really hit the outer lats.

Final Superset

On his last superset, Jason performs 3 rounds of dumbbell pullovers and cable pullovers for 60 total reps. 

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As Jason says, two different body parts are associated with pull overs. The chest acts as a contraction and stretch point, but the move serves as a great stretch for the lats and the serratus.

With his last set of cable pulldowns completed, Jason’s ready to enjoy a delicious post-workout meal.