Road to 2016 Arnold with Brett Kahn - Episode III

M&S Team
Written By: M&S Team
March 17th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Catch part 3 of IFBB Physique Pro Brett Kahn's prep for the 2016 Arnold Classic. This video includes the competition and Brett's takeaway from the Arnold.

What does it take to prepare for one of the biggest shows of the season?

In this series we're going to take you behind the scenes with IFBB Physique Pro Brett Kahn to show you how he manages business, life, and competition.

Get caught up on Episode 1 and Episode 2 if you missed them!

It’s the day of the big event. Brett and the Muscle & Strength team are in Columbus getting ready for the 2016 Arnold Classic.

Brett is already covered with layers of spray tan and he is awaiting his final coat of bronzer before hitting the big stage.

Now that he’s all bronzed up, he hits the stage at the Arnold.

Back in Charleston, Brett talks about his experience at the 2016 Arnold Classic. He truly enjoyed competing with others from all over the world who share his passion for bodybuilding.

Only having been an IFBB Physique Pro for less than a year, the 2016 Arnold Classic was Brett’s first professional show.

His biggest take away was the experience he gained from competing in his first professional show. Since testing the waters at the Arnold Classic, Brett has already competed in another professional show and has a couple of competitions in the near future.

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