300lb Bodybuilder Juan Morel’s Mixed Volume Leg Workout

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October 31st, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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If you thought your leg day was intense, then you've got to check out Juan Morel's mixed volume leg day! See exactly how the 300lb bodybuilder trains legs!

It’s only right for a Beast sponsored athlete to go through a beastly leg day workout each week.

Early this year we traveled to the East Coast Mecca, Bev Francis Gym, and met up with Beast athlete Juan Morel to see how the 300lb bodybuilder trains his legs.

To no one’s surprise, Juan attacks his legs with an insane workout that incorporates both heavy sets and high volume sets.

I guess when you’re a 300lb super heavy, you tend to do everything bigger!

Intensity and volume. Usually lifters pick one or the other. Diesel does both.

Juan starts off his leg day with a lengthy warm up session to loosen up his muscles and get blood circulating to his joints. Then he moves into some heavy front squats and finishes off his quads with some high volume leg presses.

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After Juan has absolutely destroys his quads, he moves into training his hamstrings and calves by utilizing a giant set that targets both muscle groups.

Warm Up Superset: Leg Extensions & Safety Squats

Juan performs a superset consisting of leg extensions and safety squats to get blood flowing into the muscles around his knee joint.

He finds this part of his workout one of the most important, because the older and bigger you get, the more prone to injury you become. While he can get away without warming up during contest preps, if Juan were to start off by performing sets of heavy squats during the off-season, his risk for injury would skyrocket.

Juan likes to incorporate safety squats into his workout. Doing so takes the tension off his back and allows him to keep his back straighter while squatting deep. It also shifts the focus of the exercise to his quads for a ridiculous pump.

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Exercise 3: Front Squats

After wrapping up his warm up, Juan moves right into front squats. Juan prefers front squats because it brings more emphasis to his quadriceps and also allows him to keep his back straight.

Juan goes heavy on his front squat, focusing on building both size and strength. When his knees begin to feel tight from moving the massive amounts of weight, he wraps them up to err on the side of caution.

Exercise 4: Leg Press

After putting his strength to the test with front squats, Juan moves to the leg press machine to work on his muscular endurance.

To do this, Juan performs a leg press superset starting off with 20 wide leg press reps followed by 20 narrow leg press reps for a total of 40 repetitions.

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Juan likes to split this superset into 3 rounds consisting of 6 total sets. After performing the first 40 repetitions, Juan rests for 30-40 seconds before doing another set of 40 repetitions. After the second set of 40, Juan rests for 2-3 minutes as the second set completes one round.

Tri Set: Lying Leg Curl, Seated Leg Curl, & Calf Raise

With his triset finisher, Juan really focuses on getting a massive pump in his hamstrings and calves.

He performs all three exercises with a high rep count of 15 repetitions with the goal of pumping as much blood into the muscle as possible.

Be sure to give Juan’s leg workout a try for a leg day you surely won’t be able to walk away from!