A few weeks ago we traveled to Dallas, TX to visit Steve & Amanda Kuclo. In this video, the athletes share a few tips to understanding proper gym etiquette.

Proper gym etiquette is important.

We’re all there to get in a good workout and it’s no fun when someone violates the unspoken gym rules.

Maybe they're new and don’t know any better.

Or maybe no one has ever pointed these rules out to them.

Either way, team ALLMAX athletes Steve and Amanda Kuclo are ready to shed some light on these rules to make the gym a better place for everyone.

1. Respect

Being in the fitness industry for half of their lives, Steve and Amanda have trained all around the world. One of Amanda’s biggest pet peeves is improper spotting.

She states that it is usually done by a trainer who wants to get with a girl.

Spotting can be an important part of training. But if you’re not seriously helping out the person you’re spotting, you shouldn’t spot them at all.

2. Hygiene

If you’re using equipment that everyone else uses as well, you’ve got to clean up after yourself.

Too often, people finish working out on a machine and don’t wipe it down.

No one wants to use a sweaty machine. Clean up after yourself!

3. Grunting

Grunting when you’re lifting heavy weight is fine, but excessive grunting is annoying.

Usually, excessive grunting isn’t even necessary.

The person doing it just wants to call attention to themselves.

It’s distracting, so if you don’t need to grunt, then you shouldn’t.

4. Sharing Machines

There are going to be times when you have to share a machine with someone.

If you’re using a machine and someone asks you to work in, let them.

If you’re the person asking to work in, don’t be disrespectful by completely changing out the equipment or taking excessive selfies during each set.