Pro Bodybuilder Victor Martinez's Chest Training Tips

Team MuscleMeds athlete Victor Martinez has been in the muscle building game for the past 16 years.

Today, he’s bringing us his favorite chest building tips he's learned over the years on form, building mass, and avoiding injury.

1. Dumbbell Flys

According to Victor, the barbell is the biggest culprit of most pectoral tears and injuries. One way to avoid injury from the barbell bench is by warming up the pecs. Victor does this by starting off his workouts with dumbbell flys.

He goes low enough to feel the stretch before pushing the weight up to feel the tension.

2. Barbell Bench Press

After flys, Victor heads to the bench press for his power movement.

To avoid injury here, Victor recommends that you angle your elbows to the side just slightly. This allows for your chest to be more involved in the pressing motion.

3. Pec Deck Fly

Victor’s final tip for chest comes during a set of pec deck flys.

He suggests that you don’t touch the handles at the top of the motion. Instead, stop just shy of touching and really squeeze your chest.

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