[Video] Sergio Oliva Jr's Chest Workout w/ Chris Cormier

For this video, we head out west to sunny San Diego and meet up with IFBB Pro, Sergio Oliva Jr, at legendary The Gym.

Also with him is his coach, Chris Cormier. Together, the two take us through one of Sergio’s typical prep workouts leading into the 2020 Arnold Classic.

On this day he was training chest.

Training so close to a show requires a careful protocol to maintain muscle size without risking injury. At his point, he’s not looking to build any new muscle mass. He’s simply trying to maintain shape and size on his way to the stage.

Check out the workout by watching the video and give it a shot for yourself the next time you train chest.

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Sergio's Chest Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Leverage Incline Press 4 10-15
Arsenal Strength Press 4 10-15
Machine Flat Press 4 10-15
Machine Incline Press 4 10-15
Machine Fly 4 10-15
Pec Dec 4 10-15

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