Part 2: How Ryan Terry Prepares For a Pro Physique Competition

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February 27th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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After placing 2nd in the 2016 Men's Physique Olympia last year, USN Athlete Ryan Terry is hungry to win the title at the 2017 Arnold Classic! Follow his prep!

Team USN athlete Ryan Terry is determined to take first place in Men’s Physique in this year’s Arnold Classic.

We’ve been invited to follow along as he preps for the big stage.

In this second part of the series, Ryan shows us a little more of his day to day life leading up to the show, his nutrition, and his training habits.

Get caught up by checking out part 1 here.

Part 2 kicks off with him preparing for a road trip to a USN promotion. He starts the day with a breakfast of USN Whey-tella, oats, and almond flakes, then Ryan hits the road.

Since he’s on the road today, Ryan won’t be able to train at all. So, he’s decided to go low carb on his full rest day with a nice steak dinner to end the evening to fuel two training sessions tomorrow.

After the event, Ryan heads to the grocery store to purchase all of his prep essentials. We also get a glimpse of Ryan in action as he poses for a photoshoot 10 days out from competition.

In a week, Ryan will be flying to America. This will give him a couple of days to get settled into a nice apartment and rid himself of any unwanted water retention from traveling. He’s still going hard in the gym, but not as hard as he had been to start out his prep.

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Hi. You look awesome. And really Perfect. It's motivation to me to get my goal.. Please you can share two training sessions workout or send me link. Thanks in advance