[Video] Regan Grimes' Shoulder Workout at the Mecca w/ Chris "Psycho" Lewis

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July 10th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes, trains shoulders with Chris Lewis at Golds Gym Venice. In this workout, Regan utilizes the principles of Pychofitness21.

We wrap up our most recent shoot with Primeval Labs athlete and IFBB Pro, Regan Grimes, with his complete off-season shoulder workout.

For a portion of this past off-season, Regan stayed in Los Angeles, California to train with Chris “Psycho” Lewis.

In this video, Regan takes us through one of Chris’ Psychofitness21 shoulder workouts.

Watch the video or read on to learn what the shoulder workout consists of.

Regan Grimes’ Shoulder Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
External Rotator Cuff Rotation 3 20 Each
1. Front Raise (Using Side Lateral Machine) 3 21 Secs TUT
2. Incline Cable Side Lateral Raise 3 21 Secs TUT
3. Chest Supported Dumbbell Front Raise 3 21 Secs TUT
4. Close Grip Incline Raise 4 21 Secs TUT
5a. High Hammer Row 4 21 Secs TUT
5b. Rear Delt Fly (On Lat Raise Machine) 4 21 Secs TUT
6. Machine Hammer Press 4 21 Secs TUT
Warm Up: External Rotator Cuff Rotation

The workout begins with an external rotation to warm up the rotator cuff prior to a lot of front delt focused exercises.

To ensure the emphasis is placed on the rotator cuff, Regan places his elbow on Chris’ shoulder to take away the need to keep the elbow in a fixed position so the entire focus is placed on warming up the rotator cuff.

1. Front Raise (Using Side Lateral Machine)

If you’re familiar with Chris’ training style you already know he implements plenty of machines and extra padding to emphasize certain areas of the focused muscle group during a training session.

In this workout, the emphasis is placed on the front delts. And we begin with the front raise on a side lateral machine.

Sit in the machine facing one of the pads with one leg back and one leg forward. Then, perform the movement by using the front deltoid to push the weight forward.

2. Incline Cable Side Lateral Raise

The second exercise on Regan’s shoulder day is an incline cable side lateral raise. This exercise is performed at the cable row station by attaching two D handles onto the cable and pulling up and out.

The manner in which the exercise is performed effectively hits both the front and side deltoids.

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3. Chest Supported Dumbbell Front Raise

After hitting the side delts with the incline cable side laterals, Chris and Regan move their focus back to the front deltoids by performing the chest supported dumbbell front raise.

Included in the exercise is some slight internal rotation of the dumbbells to activate the side deltoids as well.

4. Close Cable Incline Raise

The fourth exercise of the workout mimics a shoulder press. To perform the exercise, you’ll need an incline bench, a close grip handle, and a cable set to the lowest cable setting.

From here, sit on the incline bench and press the weight overhead.

5a. High Hammer Row

After a lot of front delt and some side delt work, the focus is then placed on the rear delts with a rear delt superset. The first exercise of the superset is a high hammer row.

To perform this exercise, Chris sets up a bench at an angle to force Regan to pull higher than he would if seated on the machine.

5b. Rear Delt Fly (Using Lateral Raise Machine)

The second exercise in this rear delt superset is the rear delt fly on a lateral raise machine.

To perform this exercise, you bend over and place your elbows on the pads of the lateral raise machine. Then, using your rear delts, you move the pads to raise the weight.

6. Machine Hammer Press

The two conclude the workout with a pressing motion utilizing the hammer strength shoulder press machine.

An additional pad is used during the exercise to mimic the movement pattern of a behind the neck press.

Even after all of the work prior to this final movement, the goal of these sets is to pyramid up and finish the workout using as heavy of a weight as possible.

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I'm going for the V Taper, I just started training back and shoulders together
Going to incorporate some of these moves in my shoulder routine

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"psycho" for using so much juice?