[Video] Build Classic Pecs w/ Logan Franklin's Chest Workout

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Written By: M&S Team
February 26th, 2020
Updated: October 27th, 2021
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Logan Franklin takes us through his chest workout at Iron City Gym in Houston, TX. Check out the video for some excellent tips on how to build a big full chest!

For this video, we head to Houston, TX and catch up with MHP athlete Logan Franklin for an epic chest workout.

Logan is in the process of moving up to the classic bodybuilding division. And he feels if he can build his pecs up, he’ll be much harder to beat in the years to come.

To get an idea of what this entails, we asked him to take us through his workout.

Watch the video to get a better idea of how Logan trains chest, then check out the workout table below to give it a shot for yourself the next time you decide to have a chest day.

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Logan Franklin's Chest Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Dumbbell Press 4 12, 12, 6-10, 6-10
Decline Machine Press 3 10, 10, Failure
Pec Deck Machine 4 10-12
Machine Dip 3 10, 10, 10**
Bench Press 3-5 5-8

*Drop set going to failure again
**Double drop set to failure