[Video] Lateral Raise Supersets w/ Brandon Hendrickson

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November 30th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Men's Physique Champ and Beast athlete, Brandon Hendrickson, shows us how he pairs partials with lateral raises in this shoulder building superset.

IFBB Men’s Physique Champion and Beast athlete, Brandon Hendrickson, is known for his crazy V-taper.

And if one thing rings true, it’s this: Capping off your shoulders with a pair of big deltoids is going to be a crucial part to developing that starting point for your taper.

So, we asked the champ to share a shoulder superset he likes to do to pump blood into the delts during his shoulder workout.

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His response: Paring heavy partials with full ROM lateral raises.

For the partials, you want to do them heavy. Brandon typically starts with 55-60lbs and moves up 5-10lbs every set. Keep the dumbbells right to your side and only lift them 3-4 inches when performing the movement.

The second portion of the superset is a basic lateral raise. For this movement, you’ll use about half the weight you used for the heavy partials. Focus the tension of the lift on your shoulders by initiating the lift with your elbow.

On both exercises, view your hands as a latch gripping the weight. Don’t focus too much on clamping down on the weight and pulling at the wrist – this will take the tension off the target muscle group.

Perform 4 sets of each for 10 repetitions.