Jose "The Boston Mass" Raymond's Mass Building Exercise Recommendations

M&S Team
Written By: M&S Team
November 6th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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There's one thing that Jose Raymond knows how to do... build MASS. Check out his top 5 favorite mass building exercises in this video & start doing them!

Team BPI recently visited the M&S headquarters and completely took over, providing us with some valuable training tips along the way.

In this video, Jose “The Boston Mass” Raymond gives us his top 5 mass building exercises that every bodybuilder should do.

Are these exercises in your current workout routine? If not, be sure to add them in today!

1. Pull Up

The pull up is the first exercise Jose ever performed in his life. The most important thing about the pullup is getting a full contraction at the top of the movement. However, Jose doesn’t fully extend at the bottom.

Instead, he performs ¾ reps, keeping constant tension on the lats and eliminating any pull from the arms.

2. Squat

The second exercise Jose recommends is the squat. The squat is one of Jose’s favorites because it involves a lot of effort from a lot of different muscle groups to perform.

The downside to the squat? Not everyone is designed to squat from a biomechanical standpoint. Still, Jose believes anyone can squat, some just may not be able to go heavy on the movement.

For bodybuilding, Jose aims to perform 8-15 reps per set while performing the squat and focuses on keeping constant tension on the quads.

3. Overhead Press

Up next is the overhead press. Just like with every major compound exercise, there are a number of variations you can perform for overhead presses.

Jose’s go to is the seated dumbbell press. Since he is a little older, he doesn’t perform standing military presses any more. Instead, he sticks to the seated variations.

4. Bench Press

The fourth exercise Jose believes every bodybuilder should be doing is the bench press. Again, there are a number variations you can perform for this exercise.

Jose likes to alternate the different variations, because it allows him to get the most amount of stimulation out of the exercise.

5. Deadlift

The fifth and final movement Jose believes every bodybuilder should be doing is the deadlift.

Jose likes this exercise because it’s an old school exercise that hits everything in one movement.