Nutrex athlete, IFBB Pro, and self-proclaimed mustard connoisseur, Samantha Jerring, gives us a rundown of what her typical grocery haul looks like during her maintenance phase.

Team Nutrex athlete and IFBB Pro, Samantha Jerring, joins us on this episode of “Grocery Shopping with IFBB Figure Pros”.

In this video, you'll see the exact food sources Samantha purchases to fuel her body during the last few weeks of her maintenance phase before prepping for her next show.

Get a glimpse at how Samantha picks the best avocados and learn why she's most particular about her egg selection. Plus, the self-proclaimed mustard connoisseur gives us expert insight on the best mustard selections and why.

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Joshua Ehl
Posted on: Fri, 02/03/2023 - 13:12

I was totally waiting for the cost at the end with the 42 items.