[Video] M&S Legends: How to Train Like a Bodybuilder w/ Branch Warren

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July 25th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Branch discusses how he feels bodybuilders should train. Branch is known for his intense training style - learn what he thinks is optimal for muscle growth.

In episode 2 of Branch Warren’s Legend’s segment, we discuss principles Branch feels every bodybuilder should implement in their training.

Branch is known for his unique training style and has been told throughout the years that he trains the wrong way.

In this video, he addresses some of that criticism and discusses key principles that work for anyone trying to make it as a bodybuilder.

How to Train Like a Bodybuilder

When Branch was first starting out in his lifting career, he trained 6 times per week. To accomplish this, he split his week up into a push, pull, legs split. The only rest day he took was on Sunday.

When he started attending college, he had to lower his training frequency to allow him enough time for his course work. At this point, he started studying how Dorian Yates trained and adopted a 4 day high intensity split.

As his career progressed and he began training for Pro shows, Branch started utilizing a 5 day body part split. Training 5 days per week allowed him to focus on individual body parts and prioritize his weeks based on the body parts he felt he needed to bring up.

Branch’s biggest recommendation though is to be consistent. Nothing builds muscle better than going to the gym, regardless of split, and putting in the work at a high intensity.

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Having a Good Gym Partner

There’s no better way to bring the intensity to your workouts than having a gym partner that gets you and has the same intensity level as you.

Branch had that right when he started working out at Metroflex.

And, he took things to new heights when he started training with fellow GASP athlete, Johnnie Jackson, in 2001. Together, they became known for their extremely high intensity training.

They had mutual respect for one another – so competition outside of the gym never got in the way of their intensity in the gym.

Intensity Training and Reps

People often hate on Branch’s training style. His response is simple, it works for him.

He feels bodybuilding is about getting as much blood into the muscle as possible during training, working the muscle to failure, and recovering through proper nutrition, supplementation, and rest. And being consistent with all of these aspects year after year.

When it comes to form, Branch is in control of the weight at all times.

Find what works for you and be consistent, and you’ll be training like a bodybuilder.

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