[Video] How to Target the Rear Delts w/ Brandon Hendrickson

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October 25th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Brandon Hendrickson, shows us his 2 favorite exercises for building bigger rear delts. Cap off your shoulders by performing these 2 movements in your workouts.

We met up with Beast athlete and Mr. Physique Olympia winner, Brandon Hendrickson, just before his win to get a few training and nutrition tips.

In this video, he shows us 2 exercises he likes to use to isolate the rear delts.

Exercise 1: Seated Rows

The first movement he shows us is the seated machine high row. Typically, the row machine is used to target your back, but by positioning the seat a little lower and focusing on the pull, you can create a lot of tension on the rear delts.

You want to make sure the pad hits the top portion of your chest and you keep your elbows high while you pull.

When you reach full contraction, hold for about 1-2 seconds before reversing the movement.

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Exercise 2: Face Pull

The second movement Brandon likes to incorporate into his workout routine to target the rear delts is the face pull.

He does his a little bit differently than most. He utilizes a long rope as a cable attachment. And instead of pulling straight to his eyes, he pulls down to right under his chin. This hits the bottom of the rear delt a little more.

When performing the exercise, focus on maximizing the stretch and contraction. Drive with your elbow and focus on feeling every single repetition.

For both of these exercises, he likes to perform 5 sets of about 10-12 reps.