Aesthetic Training Tips | How to Build a Shredded Chest

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June 29th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this video, MuscleTech athlete and IFBB Classic Pro Santi Aragon shows you some tips on how to build an aesthetic and shredded chest. Give these a shot!

In this episode of Aesthetic Training Tips, IFBB pro and Muscletech athlete Santi Aragon shows us some moves he uses to build his chest.

Give them a shot for yourself and start building a big ole barrel chest today!

1. Incline Fly Press

The first exercise Santi shows us is somewhat of a hybrid of an incline chest fly and an incline dumbbell bench press.

The movement allows you to get a good stretch on the pec at the bottom of the movement. But, since you’re pressing the weight back up, you can use more weight than you typically could performing just a chest fly.

As you press up, you want to rotate your pinkies inward to create a greater contraction of the chest.

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2. Machine Fly

Next up, Santi shows us how to properly perform a machine fly to isolate our chest and get a great contraction.

For each rep, you want to hold for an extended pause at the top of the movement. Then, you’ll descend slowly back to the starting position.

You’ll also want to adjust the seat so your fly targets the upper portion of your chest instead of the mid chest.

Perform the slow reps for 15 or so reps, and once you’ve hit failure, perform 5 normal tempo reps.

3. Decline Machine Press

Santi wraps up with a finisher for your chest workouts. Pick a weight you know you can handle, then perform 50 reps using the decline machine press.

At the top of each rep, focus on squeezing the chest as hard as you can.