[Video] Heavy Bodybuilding Chest Workout w/ Iain Valliere

We catch up with IFBB pro Iain Valliere during one of his typical chest workouts in this video.

Iain, obviously a pro bodybuilder himself, happens to be an elite bodybuilding coach as well.

He’s also one of the strongest lifters we’ve filmed with recently.

This chest workout is heavy and intense.

Watch the full video to hear Iain’s coaching cues while he presses some insane weight, and give the routine below a shot for yourself during your next chest day!

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Bench Press 5 3 x 6*, 2 x 7-8
Incline Cable Fly 3 12-15**
Decline Hammer Press 5 3 x 6*, 1 x 7-12, 1 x 7-12***
Dumbbell Fly 3 8-12
Incline Machine Press 3 8-10
Chest Dip 3 8-12 (failure)

*These sets are pyramided up and treated as warm ups
**Perform a rest-pause set on the final set to failure
***Strip a plate from your max working set

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