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October 25th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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IFBB Legend and Team MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, takes us through a full day of what he typically eats to maintain size and minimize unwanted fat gain.

Join the Muscle & Strength media team as we follow IFBB legend and team MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, around New Jersey and NYC as he shows us what he typically eats during the day.

Everything shown in the video is a meal Victor would eat during the full day to maintain size and minimize unwanted body fat.

The video includes some of his favorite spots in New York City.

Meal 1

Vic starts off his day with breakfast and his breakfast typically consists of egg whites, whole eggs, oatmeal, toast and orange juice.

Depending on what he plans to train that day, he might also add a 6-8 ounce steak to that meal.

Meal 1 Macros – 947 Calories, 75g of Protein, 109g of Carbs, 25g of Fat

Meal 2

For meal number 2, he eats chicken and brown rice. Victor likes brown rice because he’s eaten so much white rice over time that he’s grown a little tired of it.

He’ll still eat white rice depending on the texture of it. If he does opt for white rice, it’ll likely be long-grain.

Meal 2 Macros – 488 Calories, 49g of Protein, 52g of Carbs, 7g of Fat

Meal 3

Before working out, Vic snags a pre-workout meal at the Prime Time Kitchen inside of World Gym.

He gets pretty much every meal he eats here (if he’s not at home or at Eva’s).

The meal consists of 9 ounces of Angus steak, 2 cups of brown rice, and an avocado (although the avocado wasn’t ripe while he ate this meal).

Meal 3 Macros – 969 Calories, 56g of Protein, 90g of Carbs, 40g of Fat

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Meal 4

Post-workout, he picks up a protein smoothie from the smoothie bar at World’s.

This smoothie consists of 2 scoops of MHP Ultimate Whey, a banana and ice.

Meal 4 Macros – 350 Calories, 51g of Protein, 31g of Carbs, 3g of Fat

Meal 5

For his fifth meal, Victor decides he is going to treat himself. So, he drives out to the city to get some Artisanal-style doughnuts.

Unfortunately for Vic, the doughnut shop was closing by the time he got there.

No doughnuts for Big Vic.

Meal 6

And for the final meal of the day, he heads down to his favorite spot in NYC – Eva’s.

Eva’s is one of the first, if not the first, health food restaurants in New York City.

When he gets there, he orders his usual. This meal contains chicken, rice, pasta, and lentil soup.

Meal 6 Macros – 954 Calories, 63g of Protein, 141g of Carbs, 88g of Fat

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Late comment but could you guys tell me what the background music track is for the video? You guys post the best content ever