[Video] Full Day of Eating w/ Regan Grimes

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February 8th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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We spend the day with Primeval Athlete Regan Grimes as he shows us exactly what he eats to grow in the off-season. See what Regan to fuel his muscle growth.

When it comes to putting on mass, you’ve got to eat a lot.

And since IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes, is moving to the Open Division this year, he’s got to put on a lot of mass this off-season.

To do so, he’s been consuming 6,500 calories + a day.

So, when we collaborated with him this year we asked if we could follow him around for the day to see exactly what he’s eating.

Meal 1

For meal 1, Regan cooks up 8 ounces of ground lean turkey breast, 3 cups of cooked white rice, an apple and 8 ounces of Blue Machine juice.

After this meal, he drives to the gym, drinks his Mega Pre, and crushes a shoulder workout.

Meal 1 Macros – 1014 Calories, 71g of protein, 187g of carbs, 42g of fat

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Meal 2

After finishing up his workout, he heads to In-N-Out to fuel back up. In the off-season, a hamburger, fries, and a shake equates roughly to a similar calorie count as one of Regan’s typical meals. So, while he doesn’t eat there every day, he does eat there more frequently.

At In-N-Out, he orders double-double animal style, an order of fries, and a strawberry milkshake.

Meal 2 Macros – 1660 Calories, 52g of protein, 174g of carbs, 86g of fat

Meal 3

Before heading home, Regan swings by the grocery store to pick up his groceries for the week.

Once home, he consumes a beef pasta meal. Along with it, he eats a banana and drinks another serving of Blue Machine juice.

Meal 3 Macros – 1133 Calories, 72g of protein, 102g of carbs, 47g of fat

Meal 4

For meal 4, Regan heads back out to Venice to eat at one of his favorite restaurants that caters to bodybuilders, The Firehouse.

Here, he orders the teriyaki chicken with white rice and a side order of buttermilk pancakes topped with bananas and chocolate chips.

Meal 4 Macros – 944 Calories, 54g of protein, 128g of carbs, 22g of fat

Meal 5

His second to last meal is very similar to his midday meal.

It consists of beef pasta, a banana, and another serving of Blue Machine juice.

Meal 5 Macros – 1133 Calories, 72g of protein, 102g of carbs, 47g of fat

Meal 6

For his final meal of the day, Regan eats one of his favorite late night snack meals.

This meal is 2 scoops of Isolit and 120g of Cocoa Pebbles.

Meal 6 Macros – 766 Calories, 54g of protein, 107g of carbs, 10g of fat

Regan Grimes’s Daily Macros – 6651 Calories, 374g of protein, 801g of carbs, and 254g of fat