[Video] Full Day of Eating w/ Antoine Vaillant

M&S Team
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October 17th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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What do bodybuilders eat? Follow along as IFBB Pro and Redcon1 athlete, Antoine Vaillant, takes us through a full day of eating as a professional bodybuilder.

The M&S media team recently made the trip back up to Canada to film some video content for the YouTube channel.

This time, they visited The Muscle Mansion to shoot with IFBB Pro and Redcon1 athlete, Antoine Vaillant.

In this particular video, Antoine takes us through a full day of eating.

Before he eats anything, he begins his day by preparing all of his meals. It doesn’t matter if he is hungry while doing it, it’s part of his routine and it’s the first thing he does in the morning.

Meal 1 contains 2 eggs, 4oz of cooked chicken breast, 300g of cooked rice, 1/3rd of a cup of blueberries, and 5ml teaspoon of fish oil.

Meal 2 is 300g of cooked white rice, 6oz of chicken breast and a banana.

For his 3rd meal, he eats another 6oz of chicken breast, 300g of white rice and an apple.

Before heading to the gym, Antoine prepares a post-workout shake that he drinks immediately following his last rep. This concoction contains 1 scoop of Cluster Bomb, 1 scoop of Tango, 1 scoop of Grunt and a dash of salt.

After finishing a heavy shoulder workout, he eats his 4th meal of the day. For this meal, he has 6oz of chicken breast, 300g of white rice, and 8oz of apple juice.

Meal 5 is his red meat meal. It has 8oz of beef (steak), 300g of white rice and bell peppers.

The last and final meal of the day is a fish meal. This meal contains 8oz of cooked salmon and 200g of white rice.

Antoine’s Macros – 4358 calories, 289g of protein, 590g of carbs, 88g of fat